Chapter 151

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Evelyn walked tremendously slow. So slow, Jonah’s body was barely an inch from hers. He was impatient behind her. She could feel the coldness that radiated off Jonah’s body.

He was mumbling rude things under his breath, urging her to speed up her pace, but she didn’t. Partly because she didn’t want to—this witty way of annoying Jonah was Evelyn’s sweetest, and probably only, way of getting revenge—and partly because she couldn’t.

The steps of the staircase that spiralled down to the dungeon was obviously built for agile immortals who could survive a fall down millions of steps without any permanent damage. In other words, the stairs were dangerous. They were constructed close together, immensely step, and they were shaped similar to sliced pizza, with the narrower half against the metallic cylinder frame at the centre of the larger cylinder wall.

“Can’t you walk any faster?” Jonah pestered, for what seemed like the thousandth time in the past five minutes.

“I don’t want to fall,” she replied. Her steps deliberately slowed, as if to make a point of her cautiousness. “Did this place even pass the health and safety regulations?”

“Don’t know,” Jonah replied drily, “The inspector died before he had the chance to tell me the score. He died, falling down these steps.”

Evelyn took a good five seconds to realise Jonah was joking. Her hand clenched around the iron rail for balance. She really hated this.

Jonah laughed bitterly. “The dungeon is designed like a maze. Once you get in there, don’t wander or try to escape, and don’t do anything recklessly stupid. The people locked up down there? They are all there for a reason, they are dangerous and evil criminals, if you think Zayn’s bad, I don’t even know what you’ll think of the people down there.”

“What kinds of criminals are down there?”

“You don’t want to know.”

“Are there criminals from Australia down there? Do you imprison wolves, the people who rebel against Zayn?”

“I said you don’t want to know.”

She rolled her eyes at the self asserted superiority in Jonah’s voice. “Why do you keep so many criminals in one place anyway? Isn’t it dangerous? Keeping mass murderers, and god knows what else, here, all under one roof, under the very palace your King and all of the Royals live in?”

“First, the Royals only have places of residence here, they do not all live here. The ones who are allowed permanently resident are only the ones Zayn wants here all year around; such as myself. Zayn doesn’t like to keep mindless people who has nothing to offer him, wandering around his home, bothering him. And second, what’s so wrong with keeping all these criminals under one roof? It is efficient. Would dividing and locating them all over the world make more sense?”


Jonah huffed a laugh. “You, Evelyn Blackburn, is the prime example of humanity’s idiocy. It is people like you, pathetic fools, who caused the fall of humanity. If the humans were smarter and a little less greedy, then I guess they would still be the supreme rulers of the world right now.”

“I don’t see how we are greedy? We don’t have anything while vampires like yourself have everything. We work hard and everything we have, we earn.”

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