Chapter Three- Ara (Totalitarian Communism Dictatorship)

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The truck begins to slow down, and my eyes pop open, wide with fear. I am going to vomit.

"What happens when they open the door and we are sitting here?" I ask Luca, trying to control the tremor in my voice.

"Several things could happen," Luca replies, frowning. "I can't quite imagine a particularly good scenario, so let's not wait and see." He reaches for the handle on the inside of the door and pulls it open.

I grimace, realizing how stupid my question was. Of course, you just open the door. My brain is too clouded with fear to actually think straight.

We crawl out quickly, and Luca quietly shuts the truck door behind us. We can hear voices, so I know someone is only a few yards away from us on the other side of the truck. Luca's eyes prowl the area, but it is hard to see because it is dark without any city lights to illuminate the area.

"We have to get some sort of weapon if we want to protect ourselves on the other side of the fence," he mutters. "Do you think they might have something?" He tilts his head in the direction of the voices.

"They might have something for cutting open boxes or food cans," I suggest, leaning closer to the voices. The first voice I hear sounds like a growl, but the second voice is higher and cleaner. "They are both males though." Two full-grown men would be able to easily take down two rather confused teenagers. Judging by the look on Luca's face and the way I felt, I could make that claim with confidence.

"Okay, come on," Luca gestures for me to follow. My eyes narrow in suspicion. We are definitely going to get caught if we don't start heading toward the fence immediately.

I watch as Luca starts to crawl up a ladder attached to the side of the truck.

"Are you kidding?" I whisper under my breath, knowing that he can't hear me. Still, I follow him up the ladder, muttering under my breath. "Just what do you think we are going to do?"

Luca doesn't reply, but he continues to crawl to the edge of the truck. His body is flat against the top, so I follow suit, using my arms to pull me to the edge.

I peer down at the ground below us, searching for the two men in the darkness below. At first, I can hardly make out shapes, but, as my eyes adjust, I am able to focus on both of them. One is leaning against the truck and the other is sitting on the ground, a bit farther away but still just a few feet from the truck.

I hear Luca fumble in his laundry bag and watch as he pulls out two glasses. He holds out his hand, expecting me to take the glass. Reluctantly, I grab it, not quite understanding what he plans to do.

"You can take the one closer to the truck, and I will take the one farther. Drop down and smash this on the top of his head," Luca whispers, crawling into a crouched position. He is going to have to jump farther than me to get to the one on the ground.

I groan quietly, not because I am expected to attack someone or knock them out. But because Luca had the audacity to bring tableware into the forest. "You brought glasses? You filled up space in your bag so that we could dine on proper dishes?"

"I grabbed what I saw in the cabinets," he murmurs innocently. His voice is so soft that I can barely make out what he says. "Anyways, if you can't knock him out, hit him in the neck, okay?"

For some reason, I nod.

I guess I am doing everything I can to tarnish the image of the 'good girl' tonight. I have already committed my first several crimes by staying out after curfew and attempting to escape, so I might as well just keep going, right?

"Are you ready?" Luca asks, looking over at me. In the dark, I search his face for any signs of fear. However, as my eyes adjust, I realize that he isn't scared. He has waited too long for this moment to hesitate.

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