Chapter 37

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Hello! I am back with another chapter! Um... There's a song... In Spanish this time! It's from a Argentinian drama called Floricienta... It's very good, anyways, but yeah. Vote, Comment, or just read... and... Enjoy!


        I walk, back and forth. I chew on my nail, a bad habit long forgotten, but suddenly brought back. Neil talks with the police about the accident, while Milo tries to explain things to Angie on the phone. James and Jared went to grab some food for all of us. Troy comforts Liam, because he blames all of this on himself, even though he didn’t do anything to cause this. Trace sits there, looking blankly at the wall. Jake sits there, unaffected by what just happen, not like the rest of us. Lori sits there, patiently, waiting for some news.  How long has it been? Two, three, four hours? I lost count after half an hour.

        I suddenly feel something in my heart, and get dizzy. I lean on a chair for some support. "Woah," Lori says, coming to me and sitting me down. "You okay?" She sees that I don't respond. "I see... You're still too weak from your injury. Liam, can you please take her-"

        "No," I state, and touch my heart. "I'm okay. I just have this strange feeling."

        "What do you feel?"

        "It's not any physical pain, but it's a pain that I feel in my heart. I can't quite explain it," I start to cry even more. "But it's something... Like a never ending sadness."


        "It's... So hard to explain."

        Lori tries to comfort me, and remains silent. What else can she do? "You want to know something?" She asks me, and I raise my head. "It's something weird, but I think it can explain your pain. It seems like Theo and you have some sort of bond with each other…”


        “When you were hospitalized, Theo couldn't be the surgeon since he wasn't prepared, and he had to stay out here with us. He was so worried about you. He nearly fainted... And he sat down, in this seat, in fact. He was telling me about this weird feeling he was having... In his heart. Just like you do, and I honestly believe that it's because you two have established this special bond to each other."

        "A bond?"

        "Yeah, it appears that you two are perfectly bonded."

        "You're making it sound like we're soul mates...." I say, wiping my tears.

        Lori giggles, "I'm just saying that-"

        Dr. Patel interrupts her, and I quickly stand up. We surround the man, and ask. "Well, he's in critical condition... Not a lot of broken bones, actually, just minor physical injuries. What I'm worried about is his head. It hit the concrete, and... More information will be announced, later."

        "Thanks," Neil says, "Patel. Well, you heard the man... James, Jared, please take the kids to the mansion?"

        "Yes," James says, in a tone I've never heard before.

        "But I want to stay..." I say.

        "Julie..." Lori warns. "Come on, let's go."

        We drive in silence back to the house. Eddie stayed with the kids, we didn't want them to be so long at the hospital. When we open the door. Jake starts to pull me apart from Lori. "Come on, we have to practice."

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