Chapter Twenty-Six: Theories-

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A/Nwoah, what is this? Is this an update? From Chennelle? The oh so incredibly lazy author that procrastinates far too much to be healthy? Why yes, yes it is. And it's a terrible one at that xD I'm so sorry but I hope you enjoy nonetheless! 

    We didn't make it to the hotel, however, because just as we neared the town centre Finn turned to me and asked, “Can you smell that?”

    I looked around us in confusion and said, “Smell what?”

    “I don't know, fuckin' smoke or something,” I initially thought that it was down to the cigarette I'd smoked only a few minutes ago, until we heard police sirens and saw an ambulance practically drift round the road upfront leaving burn marks behind, only a few metres away.

    Finn looked shocked. We both set off into a run to see what was happening. It was as we approached the town square that we saw crowds of people flocking towards the street that was famous for its clubs and pubs, all beside each other, everywhere you looked.

    Finn pointed at the smoke poisoning the sky with its presence. We followed the crowds, who were putting a pause to their partying as they stood in a wide semi-circle around this one pub, engulfed in flames. You could hear the glass crack and splinter in the heat.

    There were a few people sitting in the backs of ambulances and others inside police cars. A lot of them unharmed, merely in shock. It was when I spotted Tony that suddenly it became personal. He was standing to the side of a police car, looking at the building in utter helplessness, hands in his hair and mouth open as he breathed, as though in a panic.

    I ran over to him immediately, grabbing his shoulders. Once he registered who I was, he collapsed into my arms. I hugged him tightly. The smell of smoke and alcohol clung to the material of his clothes, except it was a lot more pungent than I was used to.

    “Are you okay?” I asked, “What happened? Where's Tyler?”

     His reply was a shake of the head, hands digging into my shoulders even tighter. He muffled a few words over a sob as his body shook in my embrace, “It was so fast, Mitch, I don't know what do,”

    “What to do?” I asked, trying to push him away slightly, so that I could hear him better.

    Tony's head rolled against my shoulder, “I don't know if I should say something to the police,” he sobbed, “I don't want to get Tyler into shit but I don't know what else to do,”

    “What? Where is Tyler? Is he okay?” I was in a panic, looking over my shoulder and over Tony's, trying to spot those familiar green eyes and his favourite leather jacket. But there was no sign of Tyler, and I couldn't decide if that was a good thing or a bad thing.

    “I don't know,” he whispered, “I think so,”

    “What happened?” I asked again, glancing at the burning building behind me, lighting up the entire street in a haunting glow of red and orange. I could feel the heat, even being at the safe distance the police had issued, setting up tape until the Firefighters arrived.

    Tony shrugged, “He got too drunk, acted out. He didn't mean to do anything bad, he didn't mean to hurt anyone Mitch, I swear. It was an accident,”

    “Tyler did this?” I took a step back in disbelief. “Tyler caused the fire?”

    Tony sighed, blinked at the tears at the edge of his eyelids and said, “I don't know, I think it was him. He got into a fight, except he didn't fight back, he just let them hit him until they got bored and then something happened with some spilt alcohol and a lit cigarette. We didn't notice it at first, you know? And then it all just went up,”

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