Present, 3rd person P.O.V.:

"You can sit down in that chair" The lady said and the girl nodded, trying to get relax, "Just relax, you didn't do anything wrong".

Again she nodded and sat down in the chair. "We're just going to be asking you a few questions, okay?" The girl nodded once again and the lady smiled friendly, "Good and if you don't feel comfortable with a question, you don't have to answer it". She let out a sigh of relief and focused on what the lady and her partner were asking her.

"What's your name, sweetheart?" Her breath hitched at the nickname she used, "I'm sorry, did I say anything wrong?". She shook her head and opened her mouth to answer the question, but nothing came out.

She looked at the glass window behind her to see her mom standing there. Her eyes were red and puffy. She has been crying. The girl completely understood why, but after all that happened past the few months you would think the girl would have been the one crying. But she never did. She just let everything come over her. Like the stupid and naive teenager she was.

"Lydia are listening to us?" The lady asked and Lydia focused her gaze back on the woman.

"Why would you ask for my name if you already knew it?" Lydia asked softly, afraid she would say something wrong. 

The woman chuckled, "I know, stupid question." 

"Okay, what was your relationship with Mr. Irwin like?" Lydia swallowed hard. They're going to judge you. They always do, the girl thought. "Sexually." She said after awhile and the lady only nodded. She wrote something down and focused her attention back on Lydia.

"Okay, do you have any idea where he is now?" Her partner asked the girl and she fixed her gaze at him. He was the type she would normally go for. Board shoulders, blonde hair and blue eyes.

"No." she lied and kept staring at him. Don't bite your lip, Lydia. You have to make this convincing and if you that, they'll know you're lying. The voice of Ashton reminded her in the back of her head.

The blonde guy raised his eyebrows at her, "You sure?" He asked suspicious. "Yes." she lied again. He nodded, "Okay." he simply said and also he wrote something down.

"Okay, Lydia now you need to tell us exactly what happened" the lady said, more like commended.

"Only if you won't judge" Lydia said soft and the woman shook her head with a comforting smile, "Fine, where do you want me to begin?".

"Where it started" She said and started the audio recorder, "How did you meet Mr. Irwin?".

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