Chapter Twenty-Seven

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As the song came to the end Leigh was still searching for Brett and slowly became more aware of the absence of him along with the two people she had become increasingly suspicious of since their arrival at the church. Jamie thanked her for sharing a dance with him and confided in her about feeling lonely as he didn't bring a date to his sister's wedding. Leigh, of course, assured him that he didn't need a date to have a good time as he had her and he shrugged in agreement and left to fetch two drinks. When Jamie returned he handed Leigh her drink and quickly explained that it was his turn to watch over Becca and asked if she wanted to join him.

"I'll come and find you in bit," she said. "I just need some fresh air." She left Jamie where he stood at their table and took herself and her drink outside. She was grateful that the air outside wasn't too cold and she took a seat on a bench quietly watching the other guests interact with each other. But fresh air wasn't the only reason she had stepped outside, in truth she was searching for Brett. Despite her not being his date to the wedding it felt much like that as they spent the majority of the day together. She couldn't help but feel an intense connection to him that night- stronger than ever before and she didn't know what it was but what she did know was that she needed to find him and ask him an important question.

Leigh gazed upon the evening sky and became fascinated with the purple-pink colours swirling around the clouds and giving off a romantic glow perfect for that day. Despite the beautiful scenery on the farm that night it didn't help lift her mood especially as the colourful sky guided her gaze to Brett's small apartment located above the garage a small way from the farmhouse and it was a place Leigh had never been. She had almost gone inside once, when Brett had asked her to help him with a small couch but he received a sudden, important phone call and dropped everything at once to take it.

Brett was a private person and that didn't come as a shock to Leigh as she recognised that in him from the first moment they met. He was standoffish, rude and made it very clear that he didn't want Leigh anywhere near to the farm but in the last couple of months things had changed, although she wasn't sure it had changed enough to warrant her to enter his private apartment without him knowing. She was certain he was up there as the lights were shining through the closed blinds and a faint shadow of a man could be seen if she stood in just the right position.

She stepped a couple of steps in that direction but quickly stopped herself. She wasn't going to be one of those women who check up on their boyfriends just because they haven't seen them in a few minutes. Leigh wasn't going to be that woman because she didn't have cause to. She trusted Brett and saw no reason to question where he was or what he was doing but there was something more important than that. Brett wasn't her boyfriend.

She returned to the bench and seated herself back down keeping an eye on the apartment doors waiting for him to emerge. As she waited there was a shuffle of feet on the dry dirt behind her and a happy whistle bouncing from the walls captured her attention.

"Yeah, I'll text you," Robert's voice filled Leigh's ears. He shook another guest's hand, buttoned his blazer and then came to stop in front of Leigh. "I'm off," he told her.

"I'm glad to hear it," she replied in a flat tone.

"You should try and be a little nicer to me, you know," he said disregarding the driver who beeped the car horn and beckoned him inside.

"I don't have to be anything to you, not anymore."

He gestured to the driver with his hand indicating he'd be there in one minute and took a seat on the bench next to Leigh. "Listen, we have had a good few years but we drifted apart and I get that, trust me I do. We both want different things, we always have and I know LA wasn't for you but you could at least respect the path we chose in life."

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