Chapter One

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WARNINGS: Swearing, mild.

*fifteen years later*

Ring ring! Ring ring!

I rolled over and groaned, desperately trying to stretch my body as the bright light of day stung my eyes.

Ring ring! Ring ring!

My blankets slid clumsy off the bed and I shivered at the cold. I glanced at my clock. Only 7am? Who was awake at 7am?

Ring ring! Ring ring!

I wrapped myself up tightly in my dressing gown and sleepily walked through the hallway and over the landline, which vibrated violently in it's holder.


"Y/N! I tried your mobile and it went straight to voicemail. You need to keep that thing charged."

"Sorry, who's this?"

"Max, your hardly-used, coffee-obsessed, never-respected acting agent?"

"Oh, hello. Funny, I thought you were my grandmother." I sighed. "What do you want at this time? I was having a really nice dream."

"About who? That celebrity crush you told me you've had since you were a teenager?" he joked.

"Maybe. Why?"

There was a pause. A long pause. It was so silent on the other end of the phone that I could hear the dawn chorus outside. And I lived in a flat.


"You're never gonna believe this!"

"Hit me."

"Your audition request's been accepted!" Max almost squealed.

"Audition? Audition for what?" My mind went blank.

"Oh come on Y/N! You must remember!"


"Doctor Who!"

I stopped. Closing my eyes, I held onto the bathroom door handle for support. It backfired as I realised it wasn't closed, sending me onto the cold, hard tiles with a head bang and an elbow bruise. My heartbeat pounded in my ears so hard I got a huge headache. Trembling, I gulped some air to try to and at least get my breath back.


"Y/N? Y/N are you there?"

I swallowed, not bothered to get up. "Uh, yeah, yeah I' What did you say again?"

"You got the audition. For Doctor Who."

"Yeah. Okay." I mumbled. "Holy shit."

"Yeah holy shit. Don't get too hopeful though. There could be actors that are much better than.."

"When is it? And where?"

"Some studio in Cardiff, ten past one, on the 10th Oct...oh come on."

"Oh, I'm so sorry Max! But, please, this is a huge thing for me." I pleaded.

"But you promised! It's my 30th too!"

"Pretty please? Day after?"

".............Fine. I'll call them up now."

"Thank you!"

"It's my job, Y/N, I have no choice."

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