Chapter One

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Something just seems off, Niccola thinks as she stares at the family picture on the table. She looks at herself, standing between her sister and mom. Her curly brown afro and hazel eyes match her sister's. If her sister were older, they would look like twins. She looks back at the whole picture, and something still feels wrong. She knows she wants a family, but whenever she looks at the picture and she tries to envision herself in her mom's place with a husband and kids, it just doesn't feel right. It's not the kids. She loves kids, and she's wanted them her whole life. But when she pictures herself with a husband it doesn't make her happy. But that's crazy. Every woman finds a husband one day, that's just how it is. Unless, she starts to think about something, but she cuts herself off. No, that's crazy, and wrong. You will find a husband. She repeats it 10 times to convince herself it's true, but she just can't shake that feeling. The feeling that maybe it's because she doesn't want a husband, she wants a wife.

"Morning, sweetie!" her dad says as he walks down the stairs. His curly brown hair bounces as he walks past her, and his eyes are so blue you could mistake them for the ocean. He's an older man, but he doesn't look a day over 40. He kisses Niccola's mom on the forehead and sits down at the table for breakfast. Her mom is pretty much the opposite, with dark brown hair and eyes to match. She looks a lot older than her husband but they're the same age. Niccola follows her dad into the kitchen, trying to forget everything going on inside her head. "What's for breakfast?" She asks. Her mom places two plates, one for Niccola, and one for her sister, who comes running over. "The usual, eggs and bacon." Her mom replies. Niccola eats her breakfast as fast as she can and practically runs all the way to school. I just want to get to school so I just ignore all my thoughts for a few hours, she thinks. She walks through the main entrance door and the sound of people talking and lockers slamming overwhelm her. She focuses on finding her friends and lets go of all of her thoughts. For now.

Bri walks with Trey to school, trying to convince him that she can keep a secret. They could almost pass as siblings, both having brown hair, Bri's barely longer than a bob, and Trey's coily and short. They both have green eyes, and they both walk with a sort of confidence. "I swear I won't tell anyone!" she tells Trey, but he's still nervous that something will slip. After all, this isn't some little secret that will just make a few people mad at him or something. If anyone ever found out what he did, the government would come and take him, and then who knows what would happen to him?
                                                                                                     The Day Before

Bri walks down the street looking behind her every couple of minutes, making sure no one is following her. The road hasn't been used in years, it looks like it hadn't been paved in decades. With every step she takes, Bri kicks up a chunk of rock. The buildings are in the same condition as the road, abandoned. Shattered windows, and walls falling apart. Inside is nothing but dust and, occasionally, an old chair or a broken table. That's why Bri loves it here. It's too worn down and messed up for anyone else, so she has it all to herself. She finally gets to the last building on the right, and climbs through what once was a window, but now is just a hole with a few leftover pieces of glass on the sides. She goes over to the trapdoor in the corner, pries it open, and jumps down.

Inside is the only place she likes in her messed up town, the old spots complex from decades ago before the government limited free time. It had a skatepark, a basketball court, a soccer field, and some bleachers. She throws down her bag and begins to skate around. She looks around for Trey or Ryan but she can't find either of them. They're probably just not here yet, she thinks. After skating around for a few more minutes, she checks the time. 4:38. That's weird, they're always here by 4:30. She walks over to a group of people sitting and talking. It's mostly boys, but there is one girl that stood out in Bri's mind for some reason. She's really pretty. The thought pops into Bri's head before she can stop it. No, that's weird. She fights the thought almost instantly. She looks at all the                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           boys, and her eyes catch  one in particular. Now, he's cute, focus on him. She dismisses the other thought lingering in the back of her head. She walks up to them, "Hey, have you seen Trey or Ryan?"
"Ya," the cute boy replies. She tries to focus on him, but her eyes keep wandering to the girl. "I think I saw them go over near the bleachers."
"Ok. Thanks," Bri replies.
"Mind if i come with you? Ryan is borrowing my board and I need it back"
"Ya, sure."
"I'm-" he pauses like he has to decide which name to use, "Tuck" he ends. There is a look in his eye that makes it seem like it hurt to say it.
"I'm Bri," she replies.
They walk over to the bleachers where Tuck saw Trey and Ryan go.
"Ladies first," Tuck says, and Bri climbs through the bleachers with Tuck behind her.
They hear voices behind some boxes. "That's probably them," Bri states. They walk behind the boxes. And they were right. Trey and Ryan are there. Kissing.

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