Eira- envisioned as Candice King

Edited on 6/28/16


In the distance, I could see the full moon in the vast sky looming over the eerie forest. My hands on the wheel tightened unconsciously as I swallowed nervously, my eyes darting towards anything that moved. I did not mind working late at the hospital as a receptionist but tonight was the night of the full moon. Something about the full moon made me nervous. It probably had something to do with the stories my grandmother used to tell me as a child when she used to babysit me. She would often sway back and forth in her rocking chair with me sitting on her lap as she told me of legends, ones so frightening that it made the boogeyman seem innocent in comparison.

The strangest thing was that my grandmother swore it was all real. What complete and utter rubbish? However when Mom found out about the stories, she flew into a panic and screamed at my Grandmother to stop putting crazy ideas into my head. I never saw my grandmother again after that and whenever I brought her up, my mom would tell me that my Grandma was a horrible person and to drop it. I never got another word out of my mother. Despite the stories being folklore, I just couldn't shake the feeling that I was being watched from somewhere deep within the shadows of the forest.

Letting out a deep sigh, I turned onto an empty road towards home. I lived just 15 minutes outside Waterford, Maine, a very small town near the border between Maine and New Hampshire. My home was a little one story house which was the only place I could afford at the moment but I was hoping to get a raise at my job sometime soon. On the road, there was no sign of life or headlights in both directions for miles and the hairs on the back of my neck rose in warning. Feeling the tension, I turned on the radio, hoping to clear my mind of the anxiety I was feeling.

Out of nowhere, I noticed a dark figure in the middle of the road. What is that? Is it an animal? Slowing down, I beeped my horn when I suddenly noticed it was a person, their bare back faced towards me as the person stared up at the full moon. My left arm moved as my fingers scrambled to lock the doors. What was someone doing out here at 3 am? In my mind, I knew nothing good happened passed 11pm.

I expected the person like any normal human being to move out of the way when I honked however the person turned around only to stare straight at me through the windshield. My headlights illuminated the half-naked male and I frowned in disapproval. What the hell is he doing outside in the middle of November miles from civilization? Something in my conscience told me that I should drive away right now and never look back.

Feeling edgy, I beeped the horn again but the figure didn't even twitch a single muscle. His blue eyes glared at me like he was in a trance as his dark blonde hair shifted in the breeze. Growing irritated, I turned the wheel of my car to drive on the other side of the road when the man suddenly moved to block it. What the hell? I just want to get home and go to sleep.

Cautiously I rolled down the window, "Do you need something?" I yelled out towards the man as he remained completely silent like a statue. The man before me was getting on my nerves and I felt myself lose my temper, "If you're not going to state your business then move the hell out of my way or I'm running you over," I threatened. Again there was no reply.

Shaking my head, I put my car in reverse since there was no way I was going to have an arrest warrant put under my name; I had a clean reputation to uphold.  I slammed my foot hard on the gas pedal keeping an eye on the man in front of me when I heard a loud thud from the back of my car. My heart practically leaped out of my chest as I felt myself start to sweat in alarm and I turned around to look out the back of my car yet I did not see anything that indicated I had hit something except for the thud I had felt only moments ago. What the hell was that? Did I run over something?

Contemplating what to do, I turned back around and noticed the man in the road was now long gone like he had never been there. He had vanished into thin air. Going against all the warnings in my head, I stepped out of the car. "Eira you're going to get yourself killed," I mumbled to myself. I guess you could blame my guilty conscience for wanting to see what I hit so I could attempt to help. Walking cautiously towards the back of the car, I noticed a huge dent covering the whole length of my trunk.  I rotated quickly looking around for the source of the thing I had hit but my guess was that it had taken off and disappeared in to the forest. 

"Are you kidding me?" I muttered, running my hand over the dent. What could have caused this? "I just hope my insurance covers it," I whispered looking under the car to see if there was a wounded animal hiding but nothing. Just as I lifted my head, I noticed the splattering of blood as I gasped in horror.  I peered in to the forest to see if I could notice any wounded animals or anything at all but darkness just greeted me. I shivered as a gust of cold wind hit rubbing my arms, an ominous sign winter was well on its way.

Growing immensely worried I jogged back to the driver's side hopping in as I locked the doors. I grabbed my purse from the passenger seat pulling out my cell phone as I dialed 911.

"911 what is your emergency?" A young female voice asked as her fingernails clattered against the keyboard.

"Hi! I think I might have hit something. Are you able to send the police down to check it out? I looked around but I could not find anything except some blood on the ground."

"Yes Ma'am. What is your name and your location?"

"I'm at wood crescent road and my name is-"

Suddenly my neck was grabbed from behind as I heard the cock of a gun pressed up against my head. I looked in the rear view mirror making direct eye contact with the blue eyed man who had been blocking the street only moments ago.

"I suggest you hang up unless you want to die," his deep voice whispered against my unoccupied ear as my phone clattered to the ground in shock. Without warning, my blonde hair was yanked as he slammed my head into the window. The glass shattered on impact and I was out like a light.

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