Warning I wrote this when I was just starting to write. So it really sucks. My writing has improved a ton but this fanfic still has my style of writing when I first started so it may make you cringe. Read at your own risk....



I sit patiently in front of the mirror as my makeup team rushes over my head to finish my hair and makeup for today's special event. Today is the day I meet Prince Calum. Our parents both agreed that it would be nice to throw a party in celebration of the marriage arrangement. Yes, a marriage arrangement. I'm engaged and sadly I have a ring to prove it.

Of course I opposed to that idea but as always my parents responded with a "Natalie, a princess always has to do what's best for her country" I hate being a princess, I never asked for this.

I wished I was never born into royalty. You have no control over your own life. Your parents are the puppeteers pulling the strings and you are the poor puppet.

I don't want to marry Prince Calum. I don't even know the guy! For all I know he can be older and ugly looking. Just because we are royals doesn't necessarily mean we all look like one.

"There you go darling, all nice and gorgeous. Looking like the gorgeous Princess you are" Chloe my makeup artist says. I look into the mirror and my eyebrows lift in suprsie. This certainly doesn't look like me.

My dark hair is curled and twisted into an elegant updo and my makeup is done flawlessly. I'm not one to wear makeup, but must say I really do look gorgeous with makeup one.

"Okay darling ready to meet your future husband?"Chloe aks. I shoot her a glare and roll my eyes. "What? Did I say something wrong" she asks.

"Yes! I don't want to marry Prince Calum!" I tell her. "Oh honey don't worry I'm sure Calum is a nice guy" she responds. "That's what everyone says" I huff back.

My mother and father step into the room, walking in with elegance and grace. "Honey are you ready to meet Calum?" My mother asks. "Yes mum whatever" I reply. "Natalie no attitude remember, a princess always-". "Has to do whats best for her country I know mum" I say cutting her off.

"Okay now lets go make the grand entrance!" My mother says clapping her hand, way to excited. Okay lets just get this over with.

Zayn Malik

I walk around the crowded ballroom of the palace, hiding in the shadows, waiting for her to make her appearance to the crowd. Today is the day I shall claim what's mine. She's mine. All mine. Its been 200 years. I have been looking for my Queen for 200 years and know that I have finally find her, nothing is going to stop me from claiming her.

I plan to take her in front of everyone, when the time is right. Nothing and no one can stop me for I am the powerful vampire king, Zayn Malik. Tonight is the night I'll claim what's mine.


"Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you, the future bride of Prince Calum, Princess Natalie!" Ugh nice introduction future bride of Prince Calum my ass. I force myself to smile as I walk down the grand staircase. Don't trip Don't trip Don't trip the last thing I want to do now is trip. I finally reach the bottom of the staircase where my parent rush over to meet me.

Standing next to them is King Mark, Queen Joy, Princess Mali, and of course Prince Calum himself. I must say, Prince Calum is not so bad looking. Hes a good 6ft something and I must say, very handsome. But eh, I've seen better honestly. "This is my daughter Princess Natalie", my mother says introducing me.

"Hello your majestys" I say with a polite curtsy. "I might say, she's a beauty, shes perfect for my Calum" Queen Joy says. She's a beauty? She's a beauty? What am I? Some horse for sale that they are admiring?

"Yes, yes. Perfect wife for Calum and they'll make beautiful offspring" King Dave says agreeing with her. Oh I see now, you only want me to marry your son for the beautiful babies we'll make? I see how it is.

"Natalie, this is Calum" My mother tells me. "Hello Princess Natalie its nice to finally nice to meet you" Prince Calum says while kissing my hand.

I blush at his actions and say,"Why thank you. Its nice to meet you too."I resist the urge to scoff and remove my hands from his. "Why don't you two kids go and enjoy yourself and really get to know each other?" My father suggests.

"It will be my pleasure Sir" Calum replies smiling down at me. "Okay" I agree as a loop my elbow with Calum.

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