Notes, playlist and other stuff (skip if you want)

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So, playlist wise, Wattpad doesn't seem to be allowing me to add external links to chapters for songs, but I'll say if YouTube and/or Spotify as well as the song and artist. The playlist will be at the bottom of this chapter and it'll be re-published with the next chapter with an added song each time :)

Initials Quick Guide:

Y/N = Your Name
M/N: (Your) Middle Name
L/N: (Your) Last Name
W/Y/F: Where You're From
E/C: (Your) Eye Colour
H/C: (Your) Hair Colour

Text Style Guide:

Normal = normal text and speech
Bold and italic = acting scene (a few exceptions)
Italic = POVs inner thoughts
Bold = authors notes during the story
BOLD AND IN CAPS = during an actual scene to represent sounds/inner POV thoughts (possibly with exceptions)


With this book, as well as making the chapters longer (from an average of 1100 words to an average of about 1800 words), the story will move quite slower than the others (hahaha, yes that means your waiting longer for a kiss, so prepare yourselves for tension. I feel very evil.)

It's also a bit like a slow-burn romance, as I have recently learnt. For future reference.

Also this is my first attempt at an unofficial kinda slow-burning romance, so pleeeeeaaaaaassssssse tell me if you think it's going too fast. Please. Be honest with me. I accept all constructive criticism. Oh, and positive stuff too. Hehe.


(No song for the prologue. Spoilers, there's a prologue.)

Chapter One - Hey There Delilah by Plain White Tees

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