Chapter 11

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That night we made our way to Professor Mcgonagall's office to tell her of the letter. We went up and down the forever changing staircases of Hogwarts, through the dimly lit corridors. We reached the office and spoke the password (since we were the heads of the school we always knew the password)
"Phoenix" we both said in unison and we're let into the room.
"Is everything alright children?" She asked appearing in her night gown. I hadn't even been aware that she was in the room yet, we didn't even call her name. . .she must work late.
"Professor I've come to ask if I could go to the ministry tomorrow morning?" Draco asked.
"May I ask why ,mr Malfoy, would you want to go to the Ministry?" she said startled
Draco slowly took the letter out of his pocket, carefully unfolded it and gave it to Mcgonagall. She read it with an unchanging expression of sympathy. After a short while she handed it back to him.
"You may go" she said grimly "do you wish to take anyone with you? From what I know of these things is that you are allowed to take a friend for emotional support" Draco seemed to ponder over the matter and finally came to a conclusion.
"Mantha would you come with me? You don't have to if you don't want to though" he said to me with teary eyes.
He wanted me to come with him? Well to be honest it's not that shocking because if I was in his position I would have asked him to come with me. We have really become close during these months.
"Of course I will" I said smiling weakly.

I opened my eyes at the sound of my alarm, slowly reaching for the end of the blanket to pull it off of me. I got up still groggy from having so little sleep, I rubbed eyes and ran my fingers through my hair. I opened the door and then went into the bathroom to see Draco brushing his teeth with the same tired expression. He had blue cotton pants, the same material that my sleeping shorts were made of. And he wore a white vest. I went to my sink on the right of Draco's and started brushing my teeth. I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked at my green eyes and my elbow length black hair. I moved the brush up and down in a circular motion along my teeth. I spat in the sink and gargled my mouth with water. I wiped my face and a thought just occurred to me.
"Draco, what do I wear to this sort of thing?"
"Well I'm wearing a black suit. So maybe you should wear a dress?" It sounds as though he was asking me. I lifted myself up to sit on the bit of granite that was between our sinks. Draco walked closer and stood right in front of me.
"I know dresses aren't your thing but you must have at least one dress right?" He asked hopefully.
"Well I do have one dress, it's black and very simple. Would it be disrespectful if I wear converse with it?"
"I guess not" he said shrugging, talking calmly but I could sense that he was nervous. I could see that he was tense.
"How are you feeling about today?" I asked putting a hand on his shoulder
"I just want to get it over with"

It was a long way to the Ministry and unfortunately we couldn't aparate or disaparate because the Ministry has stopped it for a while due to some stupid security reasons. But finally we got there. We arrived late so the ministry was a blur of many fantastical things that I would want to see in a museum one day. It's like you need a tour guide to go there it's so fascinating. We reached a room that looked like a waiting room and I knew that I could go no further. When the dementors kiss is performed only close family members are allowed to see you before it happens. So on the other side of that wall was Narcissa and Lucius Malfoy. The person who murdered my father. The thought gave me chills.
"Draco I can't go any further but I'll be right here when you get back okay?" I said looking up into his eyes. He leaned down and gave me a hug.
"Thank you for coming, I know it's probably hard for you" he said into my hair. We tugged away and he was gone to see his father for the very last time.

I walked through the door and entered into another waiting room where I saw my mother, tissue clutched in her hand, red and puffy eyes. She wore a long black dress and a black shawl around her shoulders.
"Oh Draco dear how are you?" She said rushing over to me to give my a quick hug.
"I'm fine mother" I lied "and how are you"
"Not so well today, but other than that I'm okay" she said with a smile through her tears
"Where is he?" I asked harshly
"Through that door, over there" she said gesturing to a grey door at the other side of the room. I walked to it, placing my hand on the cold knob I turned it and pushed it open.
Everything was white except for one thing that was in the middle of the room. It was sitting on a chair, chained to the chair. I went closer my heart beating so loud I was afraid you could hear it. As I got closer I realized that, that thing on the chair was in fact my lousy excuse of a father. His once white blond hair was now streaked with grey. He lifted his head up to reveal an unshaven face with his bones in his cheeks visible and his eyes. . .his eyes. They were wide in fear and bloodshot. He looked awful and through all that he turned to look straight at me. And smiled. A terrible smile that morphed his features into something else.
I wanted to say something but my voice was completely gone. I wanted to say many, many things but I just could bring myself to say anything. Before I could say a thing he spoke.
"Hello Draco" he said quietly
"Hello father" I said finally finding my voice
"Happy to see my die are you?" He said smiling even bigger
"No-I mean yes- I-don't know, okay I don't know. You were-" I said but he brought a hand up to silence me.
"NO!" I said before he could take another breath "I have been quiet for too long, this time you will listen to me!" I said raising my voice to a dangerous level. The look on his face was- I can't explain how angry he looked. He stood up from his chair and was going to walk towards me but he was jerked back into place by the ropes.
"How does it feel father, not to be able to make your own descisions? To be forced to do something you don't want to? Now you know how I felt all those years!" I shook with anger, very quickly I looked down at my watch and saw that I only had five minutes left.
"Listen I don't have long but the only reason why I came was to tell you that I hate you. Have a good five minutes of your life father, good bye" I said bowing slightly and gave him a smile. I turned around and was about to leave when a thought rose up in my head
"Oh and by the way you killed my best friends father and I will never forgive you for that." I said looking over my shoulder and with that last sentence I exited the room with a bang from the door, leaving my shocked father behind.

"Good bye mother I'll send you some letters okay?" I said giving my mother a hug and left to go back to see Mantha. I saw her sitting there in the same place that I left her, staring at her shoes. She looked beautiful today. In a plain black dress and battered up black sneakers. I walked over to her and as soon as I was about one foot away she jumped up and gave me the biggest hug ever.
"Are you okay? Who am I kidding of course you're not okay. I'm so sorry Draco, you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but if you need to talk yo someone you know I'm always there, you know that right?" She said squeezing me harder.
"Don't worry I'm okay actually I just feel loads better I finally told him what I wanted to" I squeezed her even harder and then I let go. We walked out of the ministry with her hugging my arm the whole way. I didn't mind.

I told her everything in the long car ride back to Hogwarts. It took so long and I saw her yawn after a while.
"You look so tired, you can sleep on me if you want" I said patting my lap
"Okay but wake me up when we get there" she said through a big yawn. She put her head on my lap and I started drawing little circles with my fingers on her back. She fell asleep quite quickly. We reached Hogwarts and I was about to wake her up but when I looked at her I just couldn't she looked so peaceful, her mouth was slightly open. Instead I picked her up in my arms, sliding one hand under her knees and the other under her back. I thanked the driver and walked into the castle. I walked up the staircases and down the corridors until we got to the common room. I got a questioning look from Snape, but I just went into the room. I walked over to her room door and opened it. I gently placed her on her bed, I took off her shoes and put them neatly on the floor. I put the blanket over her and stood up. I looked at her and ever so slowly I bent down and placed a kiss on her forehead. I made my way to her door and closed it quietly behind me.

Hey guys. I really hope that this book is starting to get interesting for you. I really want to know what you think even if it is that you're not enjoying the book so much. Thanks for reading, everyone.

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