Part 1

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Mackenzies P.O.V

My big sister Maddie is an incredible dancer and everybody loves her. I am just known as her little sister that nobody knows. I dance as well but I always get put down and get told I am not good or that I will never be good like Maddie. But I'm NOT Maddie! I'm sick of being compared to her. I just feel like what's the point in anything anymore. Even my mom doesn't care about me. When Maddie is on stage dancing my mom always cries but when I dance my mom doesn't show any care in the world. I which I was Maddie.

At the in10sity dance competition I have to do Maddies old solo Cry in her costume and Maddie was teaching me the dance because apparently I couldn't do it. Then my dance teacher Abby was telling me I have to dance like how Maddie danced and I have to be amazing and I have to win. That was a lot to have in my head. Also even worse I had to go against Maddie. I would never be able to beat her.

End Of Part 1!

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