Chapter Thirty-Seven

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"Walk faster, darling." Said Simon as he gripped onto me tightly around my waist. "Where are we going, Simon?" I ask, looking up to meet his face. Right beside him, I saw a man looking, staring right at me. My eyes widened and I felt my nervousness coming. The color of his hair, the pale skin and the cold eyes that's burning through me, I could feel all of it. Simon only looked forward and so I did too.

I took Simon's other hand that didn't occupy my waist as I grip on it tight, like I'm about to get snatched away. Zach was in front of us, walking as if nothing is happening. We walked pass by him as we carried on. Zach turned his head a bit, "The car is just over there." Zach said as I saw a white sedan pull up. The three of us walked faster.

I turned my head to look back and saw him walking towards us. My eyes widen as I look away, "Simon, he's there." I said, quivering. Simon squeezed my hand as he looked into my eyes and gave me a small smile.

"I know (y/n), just keep walking." Simon said as I nod my head. I looked down, looking at every step I take. The people around us suddenly enclosing in on us. People were starting to get crowded and as I look up I saw familiar faces and not once more.

My breath quickens as I tug onto Simon's navy blue sleeve. We went on faster, wishing to get out of here already. Just then, I felt someone gripping onto my shoulder tightly. I stopped and so did Simon. I felt frozen in place, like I couldn't move. Simon turned around "Excuse me?" Simon said as I blinked and finally turned around.

In front of me was a woman. With beautiful pale skin, white like snow. Hair that's black as the night with red wine stained on her lips. I exactly knew who she is. Franzeska. I grip my other hand on my small knife that was wrapped around my thigh that I tied with a piece of fabric I saw at Alexandrina's house.

I wanted nothing more but to cut her arm off, touching me with her hand disgusts me. "D-do I know you?" I asked with a stutter. Simon with his hand snaked around my waist, pushed me away from her touch. I felt relief come through me.

"Your handkerchief madame, you dropped it." Said Franzeska. I gave her a small smile and before I could reach for it, Simon took it from her. "Thank you." he said as we turned around and continued walking.

We finally reached the white sedan as we went inside. I let go of the breath that I was holding as I finally felt tranquil linger through me. I rest my head back as I let my body sink into the seat, my back sinking on the chair. I looked at the corner of my eye as I smiled at Simon whose beside me and to the rearview mirror where Zach was sitting beside someone in the driver's seat.

As I look at the driver's seat, he turned his head, looking right at me with a joyful smile on his face. "Ah, (y/n)! You're finally back!" Dean said as he chuckled. "Dean?" I said his name in disbelief as I gave him a warm smile.

Zach looked at the window as me made a tsk sound. He turned to look at Dean, "Let's get going. They know our cover." Zach said as I look outside the window and saw a car from a distance. The window rolls down, and at this moment I wish I never looked. I saw his smirk, his stare burning through me. I turned away as I look at Dean. "Let's go. Now." I demanded as Dean nod, glaring at the window. His once joyful smile that welcomed me back disappeared as his face became stern.

The car turned to the left and I only sat back. The road became a bit bumpy as people yelled and ran out of the way. I turned around and saw their car, "Dean they're following!" I yelled in a panic. I sat back down as Simon kneeled on top of the chair. I saw Dean look at Simon at the rearview mirror "Not now Simon, there's too many people!" Dean said.

"It's better to be prepared than to regret." Simon replied back as he took the black covers off. Simon held guns as he pass to Zach a machine gun and an ak-74 to Dean. Simon began to rummage through as I looked. "Give me one." I ask in a more demanding tone. Simon looked at me and sigh, "No, (y/n). It's too dangerous for you to carry such weapons." Simon replied softly.

I lift my summer dress up a bit as I slid out the small knife, "What am I to do with this knife? Throw it at them?" I rolled my eyes as I pick up a machine gun for myself. "A woman can protect herself too, Simon." I stated as I sat back down.

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