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Ava ..

"Chica , I really dont feel like going to a party. " I said sitting on my bed looking dead into her face.

" c'mon .. I promise you it'll be fun , just go with me for this One time " she gave me the pouty face as she got on her knees.

" I mean , I just moved down here and I'm trying to get to know things " I sighed as she was still sitting there.

" Girl , you know I gotchu .. Just come on. " she stood up having a temper tantrom.

" Okay , Okay fine. I'll go Jesus " I rolled my eyes as she started jumping up and down screaming , I smiled rolling my eyes looking away  wondering how its all about to go down.

  Chres ..

   I laughed. " you already know it's abouta go down in a couple of hours." I laid my head back on the back of the seat and scrolled threw Instagram.

" Yes sir , you know us we always get those baddies hyped on a nigga. Plus when they in they bathing suits , aww yeah all hell bouta break loose"

"For sure. " the car stopped as we both got out , walking up to the front door.

We both walked in , all amazed at what we seen. This party house was dummy big with hella rooms , and you know what that means. :D lmao.

"Aye , prod and prince bouta be here in a minute. I'm bouta go get ready. " he slowly walked backwards up the stairs looking down at his phone.

"ight. I guess I'll go do the same. " I said walking into a empty room. These girls ain't ready for us.

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