chapter 9: a werewolf's death

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                -my pov-

        Waking up to be locked up in a cell as i haven't seen this in a while. As i realized that i was in my wolf form as i snarled, when a man came in with a knife. I growled as i ran up to him but a collar was around my neck. I took a deep breath and howled at the top of my lungs so everyone could hear. When the man stabbed my in the side with the knife. I winced in pain as the full moon hit my body. I groaned in pain as i felt my self being torn appart from the inside out. I howled to sesshomaru to come and save me but, the man kept on stabbing me.

        -sesshomaru pov-

       As i go to check on doru i hear her distress howls but, it seems her howls has changed. I called jaken, inuyasha, and kagome while asking them "Can you help me get doru back". I knew that she would survive but, i smell blood mixed with human. We searched for hours but, we haven't found her then i hear her howl as it grew louder and louder. Sadly if i find doru dead i wouldn't forgive my self for protecting her like i was suppose to.

        Her playful smiles,her loving eyes, beautiful ears and tail but, wait a minute hold it i cant fall in love with doru that cant be. I did a hard blush as inuyasha stared at me and asked me "Why are you blushing Sesshomaru". "I think i know why he is blushing. It has to do with the girl we accidentally shot down a few days ago" Kagome said as sesshomaru herd the howl at a house.

        That's when i smelt doru's blood as i peered through the basement window. I seen how the moon shined on her. As i saw the man stabbing her with a knife but, some how she growls and i had realized what she was. She was a dragon vampire werewolf and she turning in to one as her clothes ripped competely off her.

        -My pov-

        I roared as i couldn't keep it in any longer as my eyes turned from a blood red to purple. As i grew fur and i seen sesshomaru in from the window. He stabbed me for the 123 time that is when i turned fully a werewolf and collapsed on the ground. Thats when i herd sesshomaru grabbed me and hurried out the house. I lost to much blood as i closed my eyes and the last breath i ever had.

        -sesshomaru pov-

        I noticed that doru has changed in to a werewolf but, she bleed out and died. I gasped as the dead wolf body with my own eyes as tears fell down my face. I couldn't believe she had died and i wasn't there in time to save her. I felt tears of sarrow and sadness but, i had to bring her back one way or another. As i seen her glowed and turned back in to an egg but, when she hatched she wasnt breathing so i took her back to my castle. I couldn't let her die in vane so i laid her in her dog bed as i fell asleep.

         When morning comes along and i had awaken as i look at her dog bed. She was gone when i seen a lump under my covers as i pulled them off i had seen......


Me: hey sesshomaru how it going for you loosing me in the book

sesshomaru: Not happy D:<

Inuyasha: well calm down i know she will awaken from her death

me: you guys know im doru duh -you guys are such morons-

rin: doru are you ready to go

me: yep *turns to wolf and picks up rin*

sesshomaru: where are you going doru and rin

rin: to the flower feild a few miles from here

kagome: *walks in the room* Sit boy

Inuyasha: x.x why just why uhhh *hits the ground*

me: *wolf laughs*

sesshomaru: too nice kagome too nice *laughs*

inuyasha: what was that for kagome *still feeling pain*

kagome: well first of all you ate all the food you idiot. second you need to learn how to trust and have faith in someone. third your sometimes rude to doru almost killing her you idiot

inuyasha: look im sorry kagome and i would never harm a friend of your. even if shes a blood sucker

me: grrr grrrr *growling and showing inuyasha her death stare*

inuyasha: ok ok im sorry

kagome: Again sit sit sit sit sit sit sit sit

inuyasha: *plunges down 8 feet in to the ground*

me: *walks way with rin*

rin: *has the reigns and kicks side*

me: *starts running*


the end of my comedy corner so if it wasnt funny sorry




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