Chapter Thirty-Six

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"Let go of me (y/n), this is a mistake!" She said as I held the fragment closer to her neck. "No, what youre doing is a mistake. How much did he pay you?" I asked Alexandrina as I walked out of the bathroom slowly, but steadily. "W-who? I dont know what the hell you are talking about!" she said as we reached to the counter. I threw the fragment away and snatched the small knife from the sink, holding it close to her neck. The knife smelled like mandarin oranges.

"Speak." I demanded. It felt wrong to do this, yet so right. I have been betrayed too many times, been harmed by many, and left by many. I did not care any longer. This is survival, and I will survive.

"One million." she said in a whimper. "One million? To what? To get us?" I asked in disbelief as she said yes. "Do you know who he even is? Hes a monster!" I stated, "I'll do anything to feed my children!" she screamed, making me loosen my grip on the knife. She took the chance as she snatched the knife from me and managed to give me a swift cut on my wrist.

I cursed under my breath, my eyes becoming teary. I wiped it away and backed myself up, "You're gonna do all this to feed your children? To murder?" I asked, "You dont know the love of a mother! Because you had never been a mother!" She said coming closer to me.

"But I had a mother, and she gave me the love of a mother! Money can be earned in the right way Alexandrina! Do you want to be looked at as a murderer? A monster in front of your children? Murder isnt a choice Alexandrina." I stated, making her frown and stop from her tracks. I stepped back and saw a shelf with pans and cauldrons on it. "I'll do just about everything for my children (y/n)." She said as she began to ran towards me. I took the metal pan and ran to the right, dodging her knife.

I went inside the bathroom, locking the door as she began to stab the door open. I knew better that this door was too fragile. She can easily destroy this if she has the strength, or even stab her way in. I held onto my metal pan as I suddenly heard my name being called out by Simon, "(y/n)?" Simon called out. I heard Alexandrina stop stabbing the door and began to walk away.

"Simon!" she exclaimed, "Where is (y/n)?" I heard him ask. I opened the door and twist the doorknob slowly as I opened the door quietly. "Ladies have privacies too you know? We can take a while." she replied as I heard her chuckle.

I peeked and saw Simon leaning on the door that lead to the dining area and Alexandrina walking towards him. She tilt her head to the door that had a little crack as Simon pushes his weight on the door, shutting it close. "Where's Emmanuel, Simon?" asked Alexandrina

Simon made eye contact with me as I put my index finger up to my lips, signaling him to stay quiet. He looked back at Alexandrina as I went out of the bathroom, her other hand behind her back with the knife she grips tightly. "Outside." he replied back giving her a small smile.

I ran towards her as I raised both of my hands and slammed the pan on her head. She crashed down on the floor, dropping the knife.

I let go of the pan as I stared down at Alexandrina with wide eyes, my hands trembling in fear and sadness. Did I kill her? Was the question on my mind. What will happen to her children? I plea for her to just be unconscious. I wanted to tear my head away but I couldnt. Simon went towards me and hugged me tight, pulling me away from Alexandrina with my teary eyes.

"D-did I kill her Simon?" I asked as he only shushed me. "Check her pulse! Please Simon!" I tugged on his shirt, begging for him to check. He sigh and nod his head. He checked her pulse as I stared. He stood up and looked at me with a soft smile, "Its okay (y/n), she's alive." He said as my breathing began to slow down to a more normal one.

I heard someone clear their throat. I looked behind Simon and saw Zach. "We should really get out of here. I saw cameras almost every corner of the room. They're coming." Zach said as Simon took my hand. I kneeled down and took the small knife from Alexandrina's unconscious body.

As we went out of the kitchen I saw Emmanuel's body laying on the floor as I gasp. "Don't worry darling, hes not dead either. We simply fed him." Simon said as I heard Zach laugh. I narrowed my eyes, glaring. Zach stopped "Not funny, Zach." I said as we got out of the house. We walked down the street, acting calm and well like nothing happened.

The three of us stopped as we saw men in black suits. Simon squeezed my hand as we began to walk faster, "In that shop right there." Zach said and Simon and I both nod. As we entered inside, I heard the bell ring. There were many dresses and different kinds of brand and clothing everywhere.

I looked at Zach, "Pick a disguise, now." Zach said. I nod my head as he looked for his own disguise and so did Simon. I looked around and spotted a wig that was long, and silky. It was straight with a curve on the ends that's going inward, and the color of it was a beautiful (h/c). I took it and began to hunt for a hat to match with it. Even if it is just a disguise, I still wanna look good.

I saw a modern straw hat, with silky, vibrant colours and patterns. Yellow, white, magenta and black. It looked abstract, and it felt like it belonged with my wig. I took the hat and began to look for a dress. After a few seconds of just looking around, I finally saw the perfect summery dress.

The skirt were an a-line shape, and a top that has a wide neckline that runs horizontally, both front and back. It is almost to the shoulder point, across the collarbone. The dress consists of the bright color white with sunflower prints on it. I looked at the shoes area and saw a white slip-on. A shoe without any buttons, straps nor zippers and that you can just easily slip onto and wear in almost any outfit of choice.

I would have went for flip flops, but how hellish they are to run with. Especially if we were to be chased down by many. Both Simon and Zach wore suits, with their own hats and a pair of sunglasses. Simon wore a navy blue suit as Zach preferred the color grey suit. They both wore very similar sunglasses as Simon gave me a pair of my own.

We went outside, the cashier unbothered by it somehow. "We already have someone take care of it." Simon said before I could even open my mouth.

I see all of them. Familiar and not. Faces that I wish to never see. How many have they already executed because of me? Because they need to obey to do so? I do not know.

Simon pulled me closer, his hand around my waist as I only looked down at the floor. I did not want to remember any of them, I have already been reminded enough that my freedom is dangerous.

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