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Laura's POV

~Texting Namjoon

Namjoon: hey, what time are you and your eomma getting here? 😄

Me: soon okay, she's taking forever to get ready😒

Namjoon: hurry up, this party is dead😤

Me: haha, not a party without me of course😏✌️

Namjoon: just hurry up and get here pabo!😂

It was one of those random family-friend gatherings. The ones that your mothers usually drag you to, where you find a place to derp around with kids your age. It was more for the parents that found time in their busy schedules to get together and shimmy off their kids to hang out with the other kids.

It's okay though, I'd be with the brother I never had.

People found it weird that we were so close because I'm a girl and he's a boy. In a time like this you would have thought that people would be less narrow minded. I mean, a boy and a girl can be best friends without it meaning anything, right?

It's cool though, most of our closer friends and family understand because our eommas are best friends.

My best friend is Namjoon. He's a rapper, hoping one day to make it big time. He's currently with a company called BigHit Entertainment, part of a trainee group with six other members. They are made up of two other rappers, while the rest sing. I had only met three of them because they go to our school: Jungkook, Hoseok and Taehyung.


We finally arrived at his house.

Namjoon opened the door "Hey, come on!" He pulled me in by my wrist and led me halfway up the stairs before pausing "Oh, mianhae" he walked down a few steps and waved at my eomma "annyeong Laura's eomma!" he bowed "the others are in the living room."

She sighed and shooed us off upstairs, then made her way to see the others.

He took me to his bedroom.

I plopped down on one of his beanbags before noticing that we weren't alone.

There were two boys I knew from school playing video games, Hoseok and Jungkook. But there was a third boy that I looked sceptically at.

I "sup" nodded at the two I knew before keeping eye contact with the other guy.

He was laying on Namjoon's bed reading a book and just lifted his head up to look at me when he heard us enter.

His hair was medium brown and flowed over his forehead covered by a black beanie.

Namjoon introduced us "Yoongi, this is Laura. Laura, Yoongi."

"Oh, hey." His voice was rough but his name was sweet.

Yoongi's POV

Namjoon entered with his best friend. I was thinking about what she'd be like. He had briefly described her, saying that she was athletic and was into hip hop like us.

This was the first time I got to actually meet her. We've heard great things about her from him. I didn't go to school with them, I go to a different one with two other members of our group called Jimin and Seokjin. They couldn't make it today along with Taehyung.

I'm kind of glad that Jimin isn't here, he'd probably try flirting with her straight away.

I was surprised to see how laid back she was. I know I wouldn't expect her to be a goody two-shoes or be really girly, but a bit of me still wondered how Namjoon could be just friends with her. She was gorgeous after all.

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