The Girl In The Corner

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The boy watched a catfish sizzle in a frying pan, hoping he hadn't been catfished.

The boy waits for his cold beer.

The boy checks his watch, waiting for the girl.

A girl in the corner shoots him a grin, and he thinks it might be the girl.

But the girl doesn't approach. If attraction lacked, they agreed to go their separate ways, making their way back to where they came from.

The waiter serves the catfish, but the boy pushes the dish away.

The boy glances back to the corner; the girl shoots the boy another smile.

The boy blushed hard.

The girl approached.

The boy wasn't there to meet the girl with green eyes, but she had such a pretty smile. The girl took a seat next to him.

The girl wasn't here to see him.

The boy wasn't there to see her.

The girl and the boy slammed shots & beers, and when the boy's date arrived, it was too late. The boy had already fallen for the girl in the corner.

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