Chapter 2

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          Khylie woke up hearing some little voices whispering. When she fully opened her eyes she saw Bryle, Sophia and her parents standing near the bed. When her mother notice that Khylie is already awake she immediately hugged her. "Thank god you were awake we've been here for hours," Khylie's Mother said. "Mom, Dad? when did you arrived and why am I here? If I remember I was eating breakfast just a while ago." Khylie asked curiously. "Tita Klarisse and Tito Rowen arrive an hour after you fainted, Bryle called them over. You're here 'cause you fainted while eating breakfast," Sophia answered still looking worried.

          "I fainted?" asked Khylie. "Yes, we called the resident doctor to come over here when you fainted, he said it was because you had a hard time breathing that caused your chess pain too," explained Bryle. "Uhmmm, Bryle how long have I been sleeping?" Khylie asked. Bryle looked at his wrist watch. "You've been sleeping for almost ten hours now?" Bryle said. "What!?" Khylie asked surprisingly. "You mean I've been sleeping for almost the whole day now?" Khylie asked, and Bryle nodded gently. "And no one even bothered to wake me up?" asked Khylie looking a bit pissed at the 4 people in the room. "The doctor said you need a lot of time to rest because you were stressed, so no one bothered to wake you up." Bryle explained.

          "If you're fine then we'll go to our rooms so we could rest now. And Sophia you should come with us too," Klarisse said looking at Sophia, after that they left. It's kinda hot in their room so Bryle decided to have a night shower.

           After few minutes Bryle got out of the restroom with his clothes on. "Hey hon, the doctor was asking me while you were sleeping on what have you been doing this past few weeks other than preparing Khyle's party?" Bryle asked while drying his hair. "Of course my work at the company why'd you ask?" Khylie asked. "The doctor said that the things you were doing these past few weeks must have affected your health," Bryle explained.

          "Hon do you think I'm having my heart problem back?" Khylie asked out no where after Bryle was done drying his hair. "I don't think so, though there could be a chance but promise when we get back to Manila we'll get you checked up. For now let's just sleep," Bryle said and after few minutes the couple drifted off to sleep.


          Khylie and Bryle woke up extra early to check on the party decors and the food for the costumed theme party for Khyle's birth day later at the afternoon. When the two arrived at the garden the party planner that they hired was there fixing the pinata that they will be needing for the party. 

          After Khylie and Bryle saw that the party decors arrived already, Khylie decided to take a look if the two kids are awake already. When Khylie's infront of Khyle and Shylie's room, she knocked to see if the two were already awake. There weren't any response so she decided to open the door to see if the two kids were still sleeping. "Khyle, baby Shy are you awake already?" said Khylie upon entering the room. "Yes mommy! I'm just washing my face same as Shylie," Khyle said upon hearing Khylie's voice. "Okay then, when you're done fixing yourselves get down so you could eat breakfast," Khylie reminded.  Khyle responded by saying yes, after that Khylie left.

          After doing their morning routines Khyle and Shylie went down and they went went to the kitchen. "Good morning, Mamu, Papu, Mamita, Papito, Mommy, Daddy and Tita Sophia!" greeted Shylie joyfully after seeing her grandparents and her Mommy and Daddy. "Good morning too baby Shy," greeted all in unison. "And good morning to you too, Khyle our little prince," Khylie greeted to her son. "Have a seat so we could eat already," Bryle said. And the two kids took their seats and the Collins and Anderson family started eating their breakfast.

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