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Jorgan_t was checking on some of the previous ghost experiments and noticed one of them missing. Daddy was too focused on the impending wedding and his post-wedding plans for Qynka to notice.

Oreola wondered if maybe everyone at the Academy of Mysterious Occurrences was on the wrong track - if instead of one mystery there were actually two completely separate mysteries happening simultaneously this season. Her teammates were not convinced and are starting to feel like she's sabotaging their chances of winning this season. Against all odds it seems that there really is a monster loose in the school this season.

Smairuhh's follower count went through the roof when Qynka & Azelbeth formally announced their relationship. The city could not handle the strain of this revelation and erupted in widespread fandom rioting. Qynka & Azelbeth broke up briefly but it only made the rioting worse, so they then announced their wedding, which quashed the riots and united the city. Unfortunately Smairuhh did not get an invite to the wedding, so her girlfriend dumped her, leaving Smairuhh wondering how offended she should be at receiving no official credit for this wedding.

Qannen spent a lot of time taking Dzzahn/John around the city and getting fingered by him everywhere they went. Dzzahn started to get very overwhelmed, feeling very confused and disconnected about their relationship status. Instead of having communication about it he had a panic attack, which left Qannen feeling used and abandoned. She had been using their appearances for his benefit, so the city would listen to his message of awareness about the outside world, and also as a defense against how cast out she felt about Qynka's marriage. Big fight. She stormed off.

Rob/Grobe hung out with the Conspirasans and got to know him. At first their perspectives aligned very neatly, but some of the things Rob said proved too controversial for the Conspirasan belief system. They suspected him of being a Tower spy sent to disrupt their organization. They were about to kill him when the virus Rob carries attacked them all, killing them and leaving him alone. Now very sick and confused, he stole one of their screens and saw that Qannen & John will be at the wedding. He set off to meet them there.


We attend the wedding of Qynka & Azelbeth.



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