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Hello! I know I was supposed to post a chapter today but, I couldn't find the time, to write. I am so sorry to delay it again. I started school this week, since it is online, I am still adjusting. My friend Ompl_Spompl and I have also been working on one-shots. She has been creating the book cover while I'm planning and brainstorming. I do plan to continue this story but, I do want to take a step back. If you are curious about the one-shots, I do plan on doing requests. These requests go from a wide range because I do want to add other's OCs. My friend, Ompl, and I have our own OCs so we decided to use others. If you have an OC and would love to see it in a story with the character you ship, ((Rider, S4s, Inkfall, Hachi, Glasses Gang members, etc.)) I could write that for you. If you want it to be personal and not shared I do have alternative ways to get it to you. I am not taking requests at the moment, ideas of what you want to see are welcomed! The first chapter of the one-shots will be the request sheet! I wanted to update all my readers because I know I said updates every Friday. Thank you all so much for understanding and I hope you guys are excited about the one-shots! If you want to contact me about the one-shots DM me on my Instagram @Mystyyy__Writes that is with two underscores, or on here. For some Splatoon Fan art check out @Ompl_Spompl. Thank you all so much again and see you in the next chapter ^-^!

I completely forgot to edit it so, it's a day late.

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