BuildHii Reviews on Gorgeous home painting in Bangalore

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I was in search of Best Home Painting Services in Bangalore. This is my first BuildHii Reviews. I have an old apartment in which there are 2 bedrooms, hall, kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen has a small balcony too. I wanted to expand the kitchen and take in the balcony. When you enter the house there is a hall which connects it to a passageway which leads to the kitchen on your right and a bedroom on your left. You go straight and there is the door to the master bedroom. The master bedroom and the kitchen share a common wall. And the balcony in the kitchen is also connected to the balcony of the master bedroom. I wanted to renovate the entire kitchen so that the space is bigger and it can fit in all the basic amenities like a dishwasher, microwave, fridge and the burner. The kitchen was similar to any regular kitchen. But now I wanted to upgrade it into something more luxurious and elegant. I looked up home renovation services in Bangalore and came across BuildHii renovations.

I got in touch with them and explained to them my entire plan what I was expecting from this kitchen renovation. However they were extremely helpful to give me a few more tips to make it even better. Within no time a team from their organisation came for a site visit and to lay out the plan. They were exceptional in their knowledge and had a clear idea of how to carry out the process without disturbing a regular life. BuildHii Reviews - During the entire process they kept explaining to me each and every step and also took in consideration the vastu. Although I do not believe in Vastu, my wife is extremely keen towards it. She is very particular about the placement of the amenities within the kitchen. The team cooperated very well and designed everything according to our needs. Starting from the cabinets to the placement of the fridge they took care of everything.

I am extremely happy with the final product and the design of my new kitchen. They placed the burn according to the vastu without disturbing the placement of other amenities. They also changed the placement of the cabinet to make it more accessible and easy during cooking. They made the entire kitchen more spacious. After taking the balcony within the kitchen they made a big window in front of the platform so that light can directly come in. My wife and I are extremely thankful to BuildHii renovations. They have given us a kitchen exactly what we imagined.

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