My New Family Problems---12

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My New Family Problems, that turned my World Upside Down

Chapter 12!!!!

"Hey Emberlee." Jamison greeted as he sat down.

"Sir, you're here to pick her up."

"Oh I know that, but first I want HER side of the story." The principle's eyes narrowed at Jamison, but my step-father didn't see, to notice. "Go ahead honey."

"I was sitting in the class with my head down and suddenly I felt someones lips at my ear and I knew it was Zane Oaks' because he's the only one who sits on that side of me. Well anyway as I said I felt lips near my ear and I just acted."

"See she had a reason. Wait Zane Oaks?" I nodded. "Either way she had a right to smack him so if you would be so kind as to send my daughter back to class."

The principle mumbled for a second then told me to go back to class.

"Thanks Jamison."

"Welcome. You're just lucky your mom was resting. She's not in a good mood today."

"Yeah..." And its probably because of me. I thought but didn't say it out loud. So they sent me back to class. I opened the door and walked back towards me seat.

"Excuse me? What are you doing here?" Mr. Oak snapped.

"Trying to learn in class."

"But you aren't supposed to be here..."

"The principle sent me back. He called my step-father and Jamison came down here. So they listened to my story and sent me back to class. I can't help their judgement, but I can beg that you either move me or your son." I stared straight into his eyes, never wavering once.

"Fine ummm Ka.."

"Sir I'll switch with her." Kyle piped up.

"I guess that will do. Kyle and Emberlee will switch. No more seat switching though, so if this doesn't work then deal with it! Understand?" I nodded my head as me and Ky switched our seats. Just as I was getting settled in, the bell rang.


"So how was second block?" Kyle asked as he met me at my locker.

"Uneventful. Yours?"

"It was interesting. All Zane could talk about was you." I groaned causing him to laugh. "What you got next?"

"Free period."

Now he laughed. "Me to. Come on." He grabbed my hand and as he started dragging me away I saw a worried Braylon. Then Bray was rushing after me.

It wasn't until I was there, did I notice where Ky had taken me. "Ummm Ky. why are we in the music room?"

"You're going to sing. Oh hi Mrs. Riley."

"Ah yes Kyle. How are you doing?"

"I'm good ma'am." He said to the music teacher.

"And who may this be?"

"Emberlee Loxley." I told her in a quiet voice.

"Are you Jamie Loxley's daughter?"

"Yes. Yes I am." She smiled brightly.

"You're father was an amazing guitarist. So what brings you here?"

"Ember here wants to sing." Kyle stated and I snapped my head towards him, eyes wide with shock and fear.

"No, no I don't."

"Come on now Ember. Don't be shy." Kyle mumbled, while dragging me up to the microphone.

A few other people walked in smiling and nodding towards Kyle.

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