Part Two: a Human in Hell

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 "PRINCESS!??"  blurted the human, nearly laughing.

 "Yes. My dad is Lucifer, the King of Hell."

 The human now glared at Charlie with suspicion. "Lucifer..THE Lucifer."

responded Charlie, oblivious.

 The human groaned in aggravation. "GOD, this really is just my luck..I'm stranded in Hell, my bike is gone, Probably destroyed. And, I get picked up by The Devil's Daughter."


Vaggie suddenly threw a knife that narrowly missed the human's face. The human glared at Vaggie. "do that again..(eyes turn red) AND, I WILL BURY YOU."

 "Vaggie, PLEASE..this isn't helping."

 "Look, just pull this thing over and I'll be on my way." said the human.

 "NO!, it isn't safe to wander the city alone!" exclaimed Charlie. "You will be safer at the Hotel."

 The human eyed Charlie again. "ho-what??"

 "The HAPPY HOTEL!!" exclaimed Charlie, with joy. "It's a place that I set up to rehabilitate sinners!!"

 The human stared at Charlie with a dumbfounded expression. "say what?"

 Vaggie sighed. "Okay, look. You're human, so you don't know how things work around here.."

 The human decided to humor the two she-demon's, and listen to what they had to say.

 "Every year..Heaven sends types of angels called Exterminators to control Hell's overpopulation by killing demons and sinners indiscriminately in what is known as "The Cleansing."

 The human looked mildly stunned to hear this.

 "and, the worst part.." spoke Charlie "is that if you die in Hell..your soul ceases to be."

 Charlie took a moment to wipe some tears from her eyes. As Vaggie comforted her, the human actually felt pity for the demon girl.

 "I..I couldn't stand to watch my people die needlessly." continued Charlie. "So, I decided to fix Hell's population in a more inhumane way. By opening a Hotel to reform Demons so they can go to Heaven..OR  reincarnate into the living world. Whichever comes first."

 The Human continued to stare at Charlie. " quite an ambitious goal."

 "yeah..(frowns) I just wish more people believed in it." said Charlie. "My own father doesn't approve. and, the only Patron I have doesn't take it seriously. Even my business partner (whose intentions are shady as fuck)  doesn't believe I can succeed."

 Charlie looked at the human. "I suppose you ALSO think it's a stupid idea, too."

 The human was silent for a moment..he then looked at the window at the passing city. He was a little amazed at how 'civilized' this region of Hell actually was.

His eyes then laid upon two red skinned imps walking past. One male with white hair and horns, and one female with black hair..and, a 'baby bump'.

 "No."  answered the human. "No, your idea isn't stupid at all."

 Both Charlie and Vaggie stared with stunned expressions at the human.

 "Make no mistake: I don't believe everyone is capable of redemption." spoke the human. "but..I know for a fact that not every 'sinner' who ends up in Hell BELONGS here.

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