Chapter XXII

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Olivia's POV

The talk

I was waiting on Nathan to arrive because tonight was the big night. The we need to talk night, and I was still practicing what I was going to say on my bathroom mirror. I was anything I could possibly want to be whenever I was in that space but for now, I just had to work on my confidence while sober because I promised myself I wouldn't drink until we get over this, as much as I needed a confidence booster, this is one conversation I had to be sober minded for.

The self-talk mirror session wasn't working as well as I'd hoped, so indulging in a pre-dinner snack was currently the way to go. While I was still eating cheese crackers dipped in peanut butter, I heard a knock on the door and I quickly fixed my appearance on the microwave mirror finish, making sure I looked presentable enough to distract him a little before walking to the door to open.

The second I pulled it open, I saw him learning on the door frame with his hands in his pockets, dressed in grey sweatpants and a light navy blue T-shirt with his eyes already prepared to bore into mine the moment I stood opposite him and I take what I said back, I definitely needed a drink, because some drunken adult decisions were about to be made tonight

"Hi Nathan", the smile on his face brightened as his eyes travelled up and down my body in awe, so were mine because wow, he looked incredibly yummy right now, I just wanted to rip those clothes off him and have my way with him that very second

-but I couldn't cause I had zero drunk confidence in me at this moment but anyhooow....

"Hey Liv", he walked inside, and I closed the door behind him while being intoxicated by the smell of his expensive cologne, losing my state of mind a little

"Can I get you something to drink?", I offered and watched as he put out both his hands. Thinking he wanted a hug, I took a step closer to him, and he swiftly pulled me in by my pockets and my body collided into his.

"Maybe later", he whispered while taking me by the hand and twirled me around in a circle

"Aren't you adorable today?", he smiled while creating a noticeable distance between us with our hands still interlocked, with his eyes still travelling up and down my body like he's never seen a girl dressed in a short denim dungaree with a white tank top and sneakers, wearing my hair in two ponytail buns

"You look really cute"

"Thanks. You don't look too bad yourself", I laughed softly, leading him to the couch.

"Where were you going, looking so fine?", he asked when I put my legs up over his lap and his hands started trailing smoothly on my thighs

"I just came back from the grocery store actually, I was running low on some groceries and snacks"

"But the real snack is right here sitting next to you, what more to you need?", he teased, and I laughed to noticed he was still looking at me with a smile on his face. Then suddenly, I felt this sharp, stabbing pain on my lower belly and fidgeted in discomfort while pressing one of the cushions onto my lower abdomen to ease the poking pain.

"Are you okay?", he immediately sat up, worry and concern raining from his face

"Yeah I'm fine, it's just stomach cramps"

"Should I get you like, a hot water bottle or something?", he was about to stand up, but I grabbed him by his arm, stopping him

"No, thanks, it comes and goes. I'll be okay, don't worry", I smiled, and he reached his hand out to touch my face. I paused for a second while he was stroking my cheek and his eyes were soft as he looked like he was admiring me or something. I couldn't help but to leaned to his touch and kiss the palm of his hand.

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