Chapter: 6

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"Damn it!" I yell when Jeremy pushes me on the diving board making me teeter as I scramble to regain my balance. Jeremy laughs as I abort the mission and cannonball into the pool. I push off of the bottom of the pool swimming back up. My head breaks the surface while my lungs fill with much needed air. "You are an asshole, Jeremy." He shrugs and then gracefully dives into the water.

We spend a few more hours racing each other and doing laps. Eventually, we're all out of energy so we climb out of the pool and lay on the cement to absorb the sun. We both don't burn so we didn't even bother with sunscreen. "How is it that you're tan and you don't burn but Aphrodite is pale and can barely walk down the street without getting burnt?" I ask propping myself up on my elbows.

Jeremy shrugs, "I don't know, she got that from my mom. She'll try and tan outside but it usually doesn't end well." He says reminiscing. I can imagine her face, she'd walk in with her lip jutting out and her wide eyes would be a mix between sad and annoyed. Her skin would have a pink tint which would only add to her beauty. She'd then lie around the house acting like she just caught a terrible disease making it impossible for her to move.

"What are you thinking about?" Jeremy asks furrowing his brow. I immediately wipe the dazed look off my face realizing how stupid I must've looked daydreaming about his sister. "Nothing much, just excited about your party." "Ugh, don't remind me." He whines standing up. "Are you not excited?" "No, my mom's making me wear a suit, and Aphy's performing so she's gonna be a pain in the ass today."

"Aphrodite's performing?" I ask a little too excited. "Um, ya." He replies confused. I start to backtrack, "I've just heard she's really good, I mean she's going to a school for that stuff." Jeremy nods his head slowly. "Look, Liam, you're awesome, but if you even look at my sister I'll break your neck."

I try to look innocent but I'm probably failing. "Jer, that's weird, she's like a little sister to me too." She's definitely not like a sister. That became apparent after I saw her in her underwear. I seriously can't get her out of my head. Every little interaction we've had is on repeat in my head all the time.

I was really thrilled when I got invited to their going away party. I knew that Aphrodite would look stunning because her mom isn't going to let her go out without a bang. Plus I get to watch Jeremy mope about going to Paris.

I figure I should tell him that I'm going to the same school as him, but he's still really bummed about it. My mom thought it'd be a good change of pace, help my grades, and my focus. She wants me to get into ivy league schools, but so far, my grades this year won't even get me into community college.

Jeremy puts the towel around his shoulders and starts to head inside. "What time does the party start?" Jeremy looks up at the sky thinking. "I think around seven. Why?" He adds suspiciously. "Well, I figure your moms not going to want us around while she's setting up, so I was thinking that we could go to my house and get ready there." Jeremy's eyes light up when he realizes what I mean. "I'll see if Aphy will let me have the car." He says and runs into the house.

As soon as we open the door we're met with a blast of air conditioning that makes us shiver. We hear music blasting in the kitchen and voices chattering over it. "Clara must be over," Jeremy mumbles sulking to the kitchen.

Upon entering the kitchen the chatter ends abruptly and both the girls look up at us anxiously. "Did you hear any of our conversations?" Aphrodite asks suspiciously. "No, but I'm officially curious," Jermey responds eagerly. "We can't tell you, you'll probably snitch," Clara says putting her hands on her hips. Jeremy raises his hands, "I am many things, a jock, a player, but I am certainly not a snitch." He says with mock hurt. Clara rolls her grey eyes so far back I thought they might get stuck.

"We're having a bonfire at the beach after I perform," Aphrodite says with a huff. "Who's invited?" Jeremy asks. "Everyone that wants to." Clara responds still glaring at Jeremy. "Count us in." I wink at Aphrodite and shoot my finger guns at Clara as we back out of the kitchen.

"What did you do to Clara?" I asked, flopping onto his bed. He doesn't answer me, instead he picks out a record from his collection and plays it. "Seriously, why does she hate you?" I press. He lays down on the carpet putting his hands behind his head. "We hooked up a little bit ago and I didn't call her the next day." He finally answers. "Damn, you hooked up with Aphrodites best friend. That's like if I hooked up with her."

Jeremy jumps up quickly throwing a shoe at me full force. I quickly move my head to the side barely missing the shoe. It hits the wall and falls to the floor with a thud. A pretty decent dent is left in remembrance of his rage.

"Jesus, it was hypothetical." I shout, "There is no need to smash my beautiful nose to pieces." "Don't ever talk about hooking up with my sister again." Jeremy bellows in response. "I never knew you were so protective," I mumble more to myself. "I will always protect her, she doesn't deserve any shit from anyone." I narrow my eyes, is he unaware that she beat up one of his friends. "You do know Charles slapped her ass." Jeremy's eyes grow wide with rage.

In the blink of any eye, he's gone. I ran out of the room trying to find him. What's his plan, go beat up Charles real quick. Jesus this kid has no chill when it comes to his sister. I should remember that next time I think about her. Eventually, I hear him speaking, too quickly for me to make out his words. I follow the sound to a room down the hall. I open the door and see Jeremy arguing with Aphrodite.

"Sorry, was I supposed to tell you every time a boy looks at me?" "No, but maybe it wouldn't hurt to mention guys are harassing you." Aphrodite raises an eyebrow. "Would you like me to call you every time a guy catcalls me because your phone might break." She retorts with an icy stare. Jeremy pinches the bridge of his nose. "All I'm saying is I could've said something to Charles."

"I don't need you to fight all my battles. I can handle myself, ask Liam." My eyes widen when Jermey turns his murderous stare to me. "What does she mean ask Liam?" His voice is getting dangerously quiet. "Do not put me in the middle of your family feud," I say stepping back slightly. "I wouldn't have to if you'd stop trying to hit on her!" He bellows.

Aphrodite looks at me with surprise written all over her usually calm face. I immediately turn red and avert my eyes. "You can't get mad at Liam when you slept with me." Clara suddenly snaps. Aphrodite whirls around to face her brother. "You slept with Clara?" She screeches. "It's different." "How the hell is it different?" She hisses.

Jeremy paces back and forth for a while. The prolonged silence began to become awkward. "Because you deserve the best." He finally says looking defeated. Aphrodite's eyes soften at his words. She steps closer to him, "Jer, thank you for protecting me, but I'm a big girl. I can take care of myself. I beat the shit out Charles to teach him a lesson." He smiles showing all his pearly whites. "I just feel like you're still my little sister." She punches him, "You're only older by a couple of minutes." They hug each other, Aphrodites small body hidden by Jeremy's broad shoulders.

We walked in silence to my house, "That wasn't weird at all." I say lightly. "Whatever, let's smoke." He answers, still pissed at me. This is going to be a long night. 

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