We only see each other at weddings and funerals- Ch.1

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The other day I was at the shops with my friends when the tv announced "Moments ago, police reported the death of the most eccentric and reclusive billionare." She looks up and sees her father's picture. Her friends don't know about Reginald being her father because she was afraid they would use her for money. With a lump in her throat holding in the tears she ran back to her house. She pushes open the door to see pogo, her dad's best friend and monkey standing waiting for her.

"Is it true?" Sky asks pogo with tears slowly filling her eyes. Pogo looks her in the eyes and says "Im afaid so, Sky."

"No!" Sky falls to the ground with her hands covering her face shaking. "Your father always loved you dear." Pogo says comforting her. She looks up at him, sniffs and stands up.

"You should get some rest, my dear." She turns around and sees that its dark out, so she nods at him and heads upstairs.

The next morning she wakes up and heads downstairs after getting dressed. Pogo sees and says "Dear. I would like to let you know some important information" He pats on the couch encouraging her to sit, and she does.

She slouches looking at her hands folded together, She could almost hear her father saying "Sit up straight sky! You know better." And she fixed her posture. Then nodded at pogo to go ahead and tell her his news.

Pogo looks into Skys beautiful blue eyes with tears that have stained her cheeks from the night before. Pogo looking guilty says "I have always tried to get your father to tell you this, but he requested to wait until he passed." Sky plays with her fingers, eager to know what words are going to come out of pogos mouth.

"You were born on October 1rst, 1989.-" Pogo states "Yes..." Says sky very flustered "-So were 43 other children. That had abilities just like you. Your father adopted seven of those children and raised them. Training them to fight crime and save the world from harm.." "So... I'm adopted..?" Pogo chuckles "No no no dear!" Sky lets out a sigh of relief

"And you will be meeting all of them today. Well, 5." Pogo tells sky. "What about the other two? " Sky asks "One passed away as a child.  And one disappeared after running away one day. Attempting to go to the future. You shall meet them all, today. At your father's funeral."

"Today?" She felt a slight chill go down her spine. The thought of five adults who have no idea she exists. And they are probably so intelligent. What power could they hold? Sky pats her skirt nervously. Pushing off the non-existent dust.

"Understood pogo, I apologize for acting like this. Its a lot of information to take in." Pogo nods his head agreeing "I will go prepare my bags." She smiles kindly then walks off

As she's picking some clothing out of her closet and setting them in her bag. She wonders what all of there names are. What will they think of her considering she's in her 16 year old body? She takes one last look out her window before heading to the umbrella academy.

In the car, She fidgets with her fingers nervously. "Youve done that since you were little." Pogo smiles at her. "Yeah. He used to say it was a sign of weakness!" They both share a laugh. She wanted to ask questions, but didn't want to bother pogo considering he is grieving over her father.

"We have arrived." Pogo tells her. She fixes her slick, tight braid with her long blonde hair and steps out of the car. She stands and looks at the mansion.

"Father lived here?" she asks pogo "Indeed, beautiful right?"


The house seemed a little sedated, some paint chipped off. And the plants were dead, Doesn't look like anyone has cared for the house in a while.

Pogo picks up her bags and gestures for her to walk inside the house. It feels like her heart is jumping out of her chest. She realizes that she looks intimidated with herself slouching. She remembers her dad telling her "Stand up straight! Act like your the most important person in the room." She fixes her posture and walks towards the door.

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