The First Day of School!

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<Endercreeper's POV>

"Enjoy the new school dear!"

My mom waved at me after giving me a kiss on the cheek, I smiled weakly as she drove off. I let out a sigh, how will this new school go?

Anxiety shot through my spine, as I looked around the massive school. So many people were already there and talking in groups, it would be a long while before I settled between them , I thought.

What worried me most about how people will react to how different I am, considering my magenta eyes and ability to teleport here and there. You guessed it, I am half enderman.

I braided my long curly hair, as a girl of 14 years old it was partially hard to believe that I have a hair that is this long. I look okay, but people would totally freak out if they saw me in two places if I teleport.

I stayed silent, I didn't interact with anyone yet. Mostly because I am a silent person. I looked around the wide school once more.

I was wearing my favourite hoodie with the purple creeper logo to calm me down a bit, I daresay it didn't really do the trick.

"Miss Ender?"

I turned my head around to see a tall, strong built man. His curly brown hair descended over his purple eyes, a big X scar was across his face, still not hiding his glowing freckles. Wearing a suit that matched his position, the principal.

He smiled down on me , I flustered, it's a fact that I am bad at talking. But I managed to say "Good morning sir"

"How are you doing around the new school?" He asked calmly. Which practically made it harder for me to talk.

"It's fine, I guess." I stuttered, I do hate talking somehow. I try to avoid eye contact but it just makes it even weirder. So I bent my head down.

The principal crouched down into my level and placed a hand on my shoulder. I, all of a sudden and uncontrollably, I teleported a few steps away.

He was taken aback as he stood back up, my face flushed. Wow, my first impression sucked already. I thought he may just stare at me and dismiss me.

But he didn't,

He actually smiled at me, and then approached me and crouched and placed his hand on my shoulder again. I tried to control myself this time.

"Hello, Ender. Welcome to Hermitschool." He said politely with a warm smile on his face. "I am the principal here, known as Xisuma"

I tried to comprehend how he still didn't stare at me and literally just passed everything normally. As if he sees that everyday and nothing is weird in a girl that teleports anywhere.

I cracked a small smile as it looks like I may just like that school. But then, I somehow just blurted out "Don't you think it's a bit weird sir? For a girl that teleports?"

Principal Xisuma paused, as he turned his lips into a thin line, and then smiled.

"Everyone is unique in their own way in this school, even the teachers, so are the students"

I paused, unique? Does he praise his own school or is it actually like that?

The principal looked around, and somehow I just can't say what I am seeing right now. Is that, a slime person?

Wearing a white hoodie with a slime skin, tinted in light blue colour. His skull can be visible under his semi transparent slimy skin.

"Hey, X. We need to have a meeting about-" he stopped in his tracks as he stared at me. Shaking a bit from the force of movement. Since y'know, he was a slime.

"Is everything alright, Jevin?" He said as he stood back up.

Jevin was rather out of focus, and then looked at the principal.

"Y- yeah it's, i mean, everything is alright", he stuttered. "Anyways, Hi there! Miss Ender, right?".

I nodded my head slightly. I tried once again to avoid eye contact, but honestly that was getting awkward. So I just lifted my head up a bit. I am still surprised how he knew my name, I mean. Oh well, i guess he may be the vice principal?

"Ender, this is your Vice Principal, Jevin" he said as he was looking for any reaction.

"Hello, Mr. Jevin." I said, trying to break the feeling of being that silent. Mr. Jevin laughed so hard, he was blobbing from such movement.

"Okay Jevin enough of your head blobbing." Xisuma said with a chuckle. "And Ender, you can see your classes allotted on the board beside my office. Don't go wandering around the corridors, okay? And make some friends if you want, they love newcomers. That's all I have to say, now go! Shoo! Away from here!", He said in a playful manner.

As I headed towards his office to see my classes, I kept thinking of how our principal is a friendly person in this way? In my previous school, the principal didn't use to give any attention. But when she did, she usually just blamed us of how terrible we were.

I thought, ironically, that I knew where the office was. But, looks like I am now lost in the campus.

I looked around for help, for any teacher at least.

The only grown-up that I saw at the mean time was a short, light brown hair man that I almost assumed he was a child. He was wearing a large, red sweater. He looked rather angry, arms folded as he stood in front of a door.

I don't usually ask for help, but it looks like I have to in such a situation.

"Excuse me, Sir"

He looked at me in amazement as I said the last word. He broke into a fit of laughter. Is the word "sir" considered funny around here?

"Yes kiddo?" He asked as he finished his laughs.

"Do you know where the Principal's office is?" I asked in a low voice.

"You are new around here , Aren't you?" He raised an eyebrow with a small smile on his face. He seriously had some childish manners.

I nodded. He pointed at the door behind him.

"That's his office, I have been knocking for half an hour and he still didn't reply"

I giggled, he eyed me suspiciously. "But sir, he was down in the corridor. Not in the office"

He stared at me, and then he hit his face hard, "And i was waiting for him for nearly half an hour"

"So, since you are new around here, let me introduce myself. I am Grian," he laughed as he extended his hand for me to shake.

I shook his hand as I introduced myself, " I am Ender. What subject do you teach?"

Grian pondered for a bit, as he blushed lightly at the question. "Uh, i am just here because my friends are mostly working. I don't really teach-"

"Oh, I understand" I smiled a bit, he blushed a bit more.

The schedule was hung beside the door, so I went on reading it.

Wednesday: Maths, Art, English, break, Geography, history, physics

Oh boy, that is one crowded day. But hey, let's not be negative.

If your principal is a nice person and your vice principal is a slime , what could possibly teach us maths, a dinosaur?


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