One Last Night - Harry Styles One Shot (Rated R)

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*******This is the first time I ever post anything I've written online, so please go easy on me. It goes from present to flashbacks so if its in bold like this sentence its written in the present. Its R because of some words, and a certain scene... better safe than sorry, please tell me if there are any mistakes in spelling, I am horrible at that. If you by any chance go to school with me and read this... don't ever bring it up in public. HOPE YOU LIKE IT*******

I slowly opened my eyes, the feel of his strong back under my finger tips.

His eyes fluttered for a second before he went back into a deep sleep slightly snoring. I chuckled to myself as I got up; memories from last night flooding my brain. "Hello love" he said with his husky voice as he walked in back from work.

He made he way to me. Lips so close to mine when I turned my head. "We need to talk" I said.

"About what?" He asked as he sat on the couch, taking off bis scruffy old converse, I had been trying to convince him to get new ones but the bastard wouldn't.

I put on my bra and underwear and my oversized sweater before walking to the window seat, the morning was a bit foggy and it looked like it was about to rain.

"About these tabloids Harry. What are these Stories eh? Look at this one 'Harry Styles seen sneaking mysterious blonde at the back of the club' or this other one ' Harry Styles seen kissing stranger girl. Is his relationship of 3 years over?' " I threw the multiple magazines at him, he catched them in one hand and put them neatly on the coffee table

"They are just rumors babe, don't listen to them". He said walking towards me with his smirk.I got out of his way.

"There are pictures Harry". I said standing on the opposite side of the room.

He turned to me, his brows furrowed.

"I've given you many chances Styles".

"This is the last time I'll ever do it I swear" He said walking to me trying to embrace me, desperation clear in his eye

I looked back to the strong body laying on my bed. He was still sleeping.

" You said the same thing last time, and the time before and you will keep saying it every time, I have trusted you for 3 years Harry, 3 god damn years. And how do you repay me? By going out, partying, getting drunk with some random girl then fucking her. Then you come home, give me that sexy little smirk of yours and I always end up forgiving you. Well not this time Styles. We are over" I said this as tears threatened to fall from my eyes. I could cry, not now, I swallowed the lump starting to form in my throat and went for my coat, car keys in hands.

"Don't go!" He yelled, running after and turning me around to face him as I was about to open the door .

"We can work this out! We have for a long time come on babe we can figure it all out"

I stood up from my seat next on the window and went to put on my ripped jeans and combat boots.

" I love you!" He said before bringing his lips down to mine. Embracing us in a passionate kiss. I kissed back, how could I not? We pulled away for a short breath before entangling our lips once again. His tongue asked for entrance which I granted. I grabbed him the collar and brought him closer to me, his member rubbing agains mine. He roughly pushed me agains the wall, pulling away for a second to say Jump and I did, wrapping my legs around his waist. Somewhere in the back of my mind a voice was screaming that this was wrong. But he was so intoxicating. I couldn't turn it down.