Chapter 9

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Fionna's POV

We ran after the Lich's path of death, not knowing what we were in for. The first place we came across was hot dog princess's place. Hot Dog Princess and Prince were curled up, shivering. The gems of their Tiara and crown were missing.

We encounter a lot of princes and princesses with missing gems. finally, we seem to have circled back to the candy kingdom. We stop Gumball and Bubblegum. "He wants you guys now! We have to keep you protected!" "No! We're coming!" Marceline and Marshall lee backed them up, while Simon and Simone argued on our side. They wouldn't budge.

As we argued, I felt my bag pull against my shoulders. Then it yanked, and i fell. The Enchiridion flew out- right into the arms of the Lich. He had a bag in his hands, and Finn's Enchiridion. I drew my sword along with Finn. "Peebles, PG, run." We charged towards the Lich. 

We fought with it, but it couldn't get hurt. It was trying to get to PB and PG. I heard a clinking, and remembered the Lich wanted crown gems. It had the ice gems; we left them in the castle. It needed the candy gems. Finn and I ran to Princess Bubblegum and Prince Gumball. "Give us your crown jewels!" "What? No!" Rushed, we just snatched their crowns and pried the gems out. we replaced them with the ones they gave us, shouted, "Sorry!", and ran, ware the Lich was after us. Jake and Cake followed, and started carrying us.

Cake tripped and I went flying. I twisted in midair and landed on my elbow, which breaks. I wince but don't do anything else otherwise. I stagger to my feet, and see the Lich coming forward. I put PB's gem in my pack and jump.  kick him in the face and snatch the Enchirdions. Then I think of something. The Enchiridions might grant uhnlimited power. I toss Finn's to his. "Press in the gem! trust me!"

He does, and the Enchiridions fly to eachother and create a swirling portal. The Lich jumps in before us, but Finn, Jake, Cake, and I follow. We hear the Lich laughing and catch a glimpse of the Lich before he faes away.

Finn's POV

"What the math just happened? "Oh, you just witnessed the extinction of all life." A pink dude on the wal says. "What!?" "It seemed weird, but oh I don'know." "Wait up, pinky!" Cake snaps. Jake finishes, " How can all life be extinct if we're still here, Wise Guy?" "Oh, you're safe in my time room until you make your wish."

Fionna's face lit up. "I'll wish the Lich never existed!" She stepped closer to Prismo. Prismo, I wish... the Lich..." she gulped... "...Never... even ever existed!"

She disappeared. Cake shrieked and ran to the spot where Fionna was. I pannicked amd said, "I wish I was wherever Fionna is!" And I disappeared.

(The short chapter= suspense. Don't worry, The next will be up soon. I promise.