Aralyn---I don't hate you...

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TW: Swearing

Anne woke up to her blaring alarm clock. She was pretty mad considering she was having a pretty good dream.

She was dreaming about her soulmate, being on a picnic with them, stargazing, and just doing whatever they pleased. Their face was blurred which didn't make sense to Anne because she already knew who her soulmate was, Henry.

They hadn't started dating but Henry was bound to ask soon. Anne knew Henry was her soulmate because she has his name on her arm, she also has Aragon's name on her other arm, left to be more specific. One of the names is her true love and the other is her archnemesis, it didn't specifically say which one was which.

Obviously, her nemesis is Catherine, the two could barely handle being in the same room together. Whenever the two were together they would end up in a yelling match. The teachers didn't dare to put them together, they knew neither would do the work and just argue and that they would get berated at by their fellow co-workers for making the two girls angry and irritable the rest of the day.

Anne hit her alarm clock and got out of the bed with a groan, she was not a morning person. She stretched her arms and legs with a huge yawn. The sun was shining on Anne and her bright green walls. She walked out of her bedroom and went to her bathroom. She put some pop station and hopped in the shower. She put it high enough so it felt like the water was burning her but not enough to do any real damage. That's how she liked her showers, you could ask why but you wouldn't get a super interesting answer.

After 10 minutes she got out and dried herself. She went back to her bedroom and put on a green jumper and some high waisted blue jeans. Anne didn't put on makeup because she already looked amazing, she also didn't know how to do it correctly but we don't talk about that. She brushed her teeth, put on deodorant, y' know all the normal stuff people do.

Anne went downstairs, riding down the wooden railing. She went flying almost hitting the wall but catching herself in time. She was expecting to see her family at the dining table but remembered they went on a vacation that Anne was not allowed to take part in because "YoUr gRaDeS aRe rEaLlY bAd," yeah sure B's were the worst grades you could get. Well compared to her sister's grades they might as well be.

How could her family not see how much of a bitch Mary, is that girl wouldn't give you any attention if you didn't agree with her on something. Mary is still mad at her for stealing Henry even though she was never dating him nor did Anne even start dating him yet. She felt bad for whoever Mary's archrival was.

Anne grabbed a frozen waffle from the freezer and put it in the toaster. She did know how to make a proper breakfast but then she would have to use the stove which meant a 90% chance of burning the house down. She heard a car honk outside.

"Fuck," Anne muttered

After a minute the toaster beeped and out came a waffle. Anne grabbed it and put it in her mouth. The car honked impatiently again, at least she knew who was driving this time. She went running to her front door and quickly put on her shoes and grabbed her backpack. Anne opened the door and quickly got in the backseat of the red Jeep sitting on her driveway.

"Took you long enough," Anna murmured

"Shmmt mp gt khs enfy m munfge." Anne tried muttering

"Anne, the waffle is still in your mouth," Kat told her

She took the waffle out "I only took like two minutes,"

"Two minutes too long," Anna stated while reversing out of the driveway and on the road.

Once Anna drove out of Anne's culdesac she picked up the speed, by a lot. Both Anne and Kat gripped the seat tightly.

"Woah, are we racing with someone now?" Kat asked

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