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Okay first of all I gotta warn you. There will be a bit more boyXboy action in this story than there was in Gabriel and Rylins story.  Cause you know horny teenagers and what not XD And also I really feel bad for putting Orion through all of what happens in the future chapters..


I sighed and leaned against the door frame blocking Darwyn from entering the house. He gave me that pitiful puppy look. I reached out placing my hand on his head. 

"I just wanna see him Orion" He whimpered.

"Darwyn its not the best idea.. Just go home.. You don't need to see this" I stated softly. He sighed.

"Have you been taking care of the animals?" He asked. 

"Yes their fine. Just go home" I stated and closed the door. I then continued to make my way to the room I had been on my way to when Darwyn came over. I knocked on the door and like normal it was deathly silent.. It gave me a shiver down my spine every time.

I opened the door. Rylin was curled up under the thick covers again. I walked over to him and sat beside him. I could tell he was awake by the way he kept sniffling and shivering. He was trying so hard to fight the fearful tears that always ended up coming out anyways.

"Rylin are you sure you don't want to go visit? Nate says hes doing a lot better." I tried to yet again get at least a response. But nothing came... Of course not.. I got up and walked out of the room. I went to the kitchen and started cooking.

With each glide of the knife slicing and dicing my movements got faster and rougher until my anger took over which like always made me stab the knife through the cutting board. I braced myself on the counter taking deep slow breaths..

You see three months ago a rather large amount of rogues attacked at the celebration. Several members of Collins pack lost their lives because they actually showed that they cared and protected Nate's pack, my parents pack. But due to lack of preparation it was all in turmoil. Many wolves got injured. Some worse than others. One being Gabriel..

Four rather large wolves all plowed into both Gabriel and Rylin at once. Gabriel managed to get Rylin away just as the wolves tackled him. Gabriel broke many bones and the worst of all.. He lost his memory. It completely shattered Rylin when Gabriel asked who he was. Rylin shut himself in their room and refused to do anything. I barely managed to get him to eat, bathe and use the bathroom. I kept everyone away from Rylin so he could try healing but it doesn't seem to be helping.. 

"Everything okay son?" My dad asked from behind me. I shot up and smiled at him.

"Yeah cut myself a little so I lost my temper" I stated and laughed waving him off as I pulled the knife from the cutting board. 

"You boys are eating alright right?" He asked. 

"Yes dad. Don't worry. I'm handling it" I stated.

"Handling it doesn't mean you can keep missing out on school" He stated. 

"Rylin needs someone dad.. Someone whose not gonna be a constant pain in his side.. I can't go to school thinking about whats gonna happen if this goes on any longer.." I stated..

"Then you gotta make the first move son" My dad stated. I looked at him. What could I do?

"What do you suggest? He doesn't want to leave his room. Hasn't spoke one word since after Gabriel left.. What can I do to make the first move that won't make it worse?" I asked glaring.

"Take him there.." He stated walking over. He wrapped his arms around me not really caring about the knife in my hand.

 "Take him to Nate's?"I asked softly. He nodded sniffing my hair and exhaling with a sigh. 

"Darwyn and the girls will maintain this place with the help of the packs while you two are gone. I'll sign any transfer papers so you can go to school there." He stated. 

"And where would we go?" I asked.

"Rylin does have that one friend that took him in that owns a airstrip right? Ask Nate to contact the guy" He stated. I nodded. He let me go and took the knife. He took over cooking while I grabbed the phone and made the call.

Nate called me back giving the okay. Told me he would have someone come get us and to start packing. I went back to cooking. After dinner my dad left to tell the others. I got Rylin to eat and then I started packing. He said tomorrow morning..

It was short notice but it was a important thing that needed to be done. After packing I finished taking care of the animals for the night. I collapsed in bed and kicked my wet boots off. I hated after it rains. Everything's worse. Even the smells.

"I'm sixteen I shouldn't have to worry about things like this.." I whispered and growled scratching my head in frustration. It was a habit now... Hopefully going to this place would help Rylin.. I missed the old him. The one that would threaten me with a knife when I started eating the food he was cooking or sitting on the counter.

 I pulled my blankets over me not even bothering to change into shorts or comfortable clothes to sleep in. I closed my eyes and shut down my bad thoughts and let sleep slowly take me into my dream. 

~~~~Author Note~~~~

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Here's where my rambling starts so you can skip this unless your interested XD I think I got a cold. It sucks. Its not really one of those colds that take away my energy so I actually don't feel very different besides constantly getting up because of a running nose or my sore throat which annoys me but still I'd rather deal with this than that head cold I had a while back. I did however wake up to the smell of burning rubber... We have a wood stove and I think the blower on the back burned up which sucks. But yeah nothing to severe. Although I hate summer with a passion because its always so hot and I get really depressed about my lack of social life, I have a severe fear of ticks and the only real fun things I do is go on a pontoon boat with my family or go camping with them I really can't wait till we stop using the wood stove. 

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