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TW: This chapter has some negative self-talk about body image and eating issues, just wanted to warn you guys :) (honestly this TW essentially applies to all chapters)

Sat on his couch, George anxiously chewed at his nails. He was staring and re-reading the menacing paper that lied before him: the eviction notice.

It truly wasn't like he was poor or anything. Streaming and youtube actually made him a surprisingly good amount of money. It was just that he couldn't use most of that money for himself. Each month, he sent a good amount of it to his mother, who's currently going through chemotherapy. Even with insurance, it's insanely expensive.

So what options did that leave him with? There's no way he could just stop paying for his mother's treatment. And he really couldn't cut much on other expenses like water and electricity; it wouldn't make much of an impact.

A small part of him entertained the thought of asking his stream for help by paying him more in donations, but George only cringed. Maybe it was a pride thing, but he despised asking for help. It just felt...icky. There are plenty of people who are worse off than me, so why should I be complaining to my stream?

"So...Fuck." George groaned, flopping down onto his couch. "Maybe I should just be homeless."

Luca, George's cat, jumped on top of him, mewling in protest. "Ahh...You probably wouldn't like that, right? Yeah. Living on the streets is no kind of life for a cat like you."

The stress of the situation only made George's cravings for food grow. He hated it, but he noticed a pattern in his behavior; stress was a trigger for binges. But I can't eat. After yesterday's binge, George had decided to just ignore his kitchen for the day. To make up for it. 

George hated not eating for long periods of time; it made him dizzy and his stomach practically screams at him all day for it. Worst of all, he gets hit with extreme muscle fatigue and doesn't want to move all day. But that's what I get for binging, right? George sighed. I fucking hate this.

He quickly got up from the couch, abandoning the eviction notice on the coffee table. Getting up that fast proved to be a big mistake as his vision was instantly assaulted with black dots, and his body swayed. George groaned, nearly falling, but catching himself before he could. He was tempted to just give up his fast and grab something to eat, but a quick trip to the bathroom and checking the scale quickly deterred that thought. I'll be fine. Just a dizzy spell. Next time I have to make sure not to stand up so fast.

As he was pouring cat food into Luca's bowl, he heard a ding from his phone.

[2] New Notifications from [Dream]

Dream: Last night was fun ;)

Dream: we should do it again sometime ;)

George chuckled and shook his head.



Dream: sureeee, whatever you say <3

Dream: anyway, wanna call again? i need help with code

George: sure

In a matter of seconds, they were both back to talking on the phone.

"So in short, I got 162 syntax errors for the code I'm trying to write." Dream admitted.

"Ooo that sounds painful," George cringed, knowing that would take a while to fix, "I think you're on your own with that one, buddy."

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