Chapter 44: Taken

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I am so sorry for taking this long to update. I really have no explanation other than this chapter has been hard to write.  And I think it's because this chapter is a turning point for the story and this is really where it's all going to come together. There's only about 8 chapters left or less. So please, enjoy this chapter please comment and vote!

"You know the witch?" Wilhelm's voice deepened, his wolf slipping out.

"She's been training me," Leanna's voice was barely a whisper. "With my powers. She's been helping me control them."

"Or maybe she's been trying to control you," Phoenix added, his tone clipped. "I should have known better than to deal with a witch. They only care about themselves. Who knows what they offered her to get her to infiltrate us? For all we know, she turned Sean against us and she herself poisoned the water."

Leanna took a sip of her drink, trying in vain to control her emotions. Imogen could be callous and cold, but she never got the impression that she was sinister. If Jagger cared about her, there had to be something good.

"Jagger trusts her," she finally said, looking up.

Phoenix's eyes were black, and his jaw was clenched; he was attempting to keep his wolf in check.

"Who is Jagger?" Viv interrupted them, her eyes narrowing slightly.

Leanna met her gaze, "The vampire that saved me."

"The vampire that saved you happens to know the witch that cast a spell to make the pack that kidnapped you disappear and infiltrated your current pack? I don't know about you, but that seems a little too coincidental," Wilhelm's tone was on edge as he sat up straighter. "This is becoming too dangerous."

"I'm well aware," Phoenix retorted. "It's why we need your help. I was only able to secure an alliance with three other packs and we are still outnumbered."

"We need to tell them," Viv's voice was barely above a whisper and Phoenix's eyes narrowed to slits.

"What are you hiding from us?"

"Viv," Wilhelm warned but she shook her head.

"She deserves to know," she snapped, lifting her chin. She pushed away her tears, holding her daughter's hand.

The distant sound of glass shattering echoed through the air and Phoenix looked up, his eyebrows furrowing.

"Something doesn't feel right," he muttered, climbing to his feet.

The ground beneath them began to rumble, starting off with a low hum and gradually increasing.

"We need to leave-"

His words were cut off as the ground beneath them collapsed, sending them sprawling to the ground beneath. The sound of screams were muted as Leanna hit the ground, her head smacking against the floor. Her senses dulled, her vision blurring. Fresh blood seeped from a wound on her head and her ear.

"Phoen..." she coughed, struggling to find a breath.

Her chest was burning as she pulled herself onto her hands and knees, looking around. Dust filled the air as humans ran around, screaming, trying to dig each other out of the rubble. She could feel Phoenix nearby, his pain twisting with hers through their bond.

"Phoenix!" She called, her eyes blurry as she scanned the room.

She could faintly see his auburn red hair sticking out of the ground and immediately rushed over to him, a wave of dizziness hitting her as she stood. Leanna fell to her knees when she reached him, pulling away the rocks.

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