Dirty Zayn Malik (Y/N POV) Part 1

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(Y/N)’s POV

“Are you angry at me?” Zayn asks and grab my shoulder. I look at the floor, trying to figure out how to react. “No” I say and get up from the bed. “Then why are you acting like this?” He asks confused. I clinch my jaw in frustration. “I’m in shock I guess” I say and shake my head. “I should have told you the truth, but I was afraid you would judge me” Zayn says and look down at his hands in shame. I walk over to him and look down at him. “You’re seriously a virgin?” I ask, still doubtful. “Yes… Can we not make such a big deal out of it?” Zayn says awkwardly.

He’s kind of cute when he acts all innocent. “You’re the school’s bad-boy. How come you be a virgin?” I ask confused and walk in a circle in front of Zayn. “How come you be virgin?” Zayn asks back. I stop my walking and look over at him. “I’m not the type of person that socialize so much. I don’t even have any friends… Well except from you” I say. “You’re a total babe… I just don’t get it” Zayn says. I roll my eyes at him. babe? Seriously?

“I’m not. Can you just tell me why you lied about this to everyone?” I ask and sit down next to him. Zayn sighs. “As you said… I’m a bad boy. I just wanted to fit in you know. I was bullied before” Zayn says. I didn’t know he got bullied before. “So that girl you ‘hooked up’ with… What happened there?” I ask in curiosity. “You heard that story?” Zayn asks with his eyes almost popping out of his head. I nod my head so he can continue.

“Well. At Max’ party he dared me to sleep with this girl… Alicia. I waited for her to get drunk so I could have my way with her. When she was drunk enough, I took her to Max’ sisters bedroom and we both started to undress her. Suddenly she fell asleep at the bed and I didn’t know what to do. I just sat there for a while and then I walked out, telling people ‘I shagged her’. After that people started liking me. Therefore I thought you would like me if I told you I have had sex before” Zayn explains and lift his shoulders.

“What happened with the Alicia after you told a lie like that?” I ask. “She became popular too” Zayn says, sadly. “Society” I mumble bitterly. “Exactly” Zayn mumbles back and grab my hand to softly give it a little kiss. “Do you like me less now?” Zayn asks. I give it a weak laugh and shake my head. “No… I love you even more” I say and smile. Zayn’s eyes light up. “Maybe we could… you know… do it… uh… the first time… together?” Zayn says nervously, while blushing a bit. “I would love that” I say and smile. Zayn starts breathing again. “Good” He says with an extra spark in his eyes.

We both sit there awkwardly for a while, not knowing what to say. I know what he’s thinking about though, and I think he knows what I’m thinking about as well. The nervous wrack that I am, thinks of all the bad things that could happen if we decided to have sex tonight… or now. I shake my thoughts away and look into Zayn’s eyes. He looks back into mine, nervously. I can hear him swallow loudly. “Are you ready?” I ask him and put my right hand on his warm cheek. Zayn nervously nod and swallow loudly again. “Are you ready?” He asks me. 

“I actually think I am” I say and give him a weak smile. Zayn smiles back at me and put both his hands around my face, but then I stand up. “Just one thing” I say and walk to Zayn’s jacket.

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