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( Calum POV )

Me: 525,600 minutes are in a year in which is the minutes I'm into you

Aquawaterfall: 365 days that I'm in not into you

Me: 54 weeks is what got me into you

Aquawaterfall: 12 months is how long you're gonna be alone

Me: 12 pizzas is all mine now

Pizza Dick: did you change my contact I.D

Me: no Aquawaterfall

Pizza Dick: unhuh ok

Me: sexy can I

Pizza Dick: yeah are you sure you aren't on ecstasy

Me: what you talking about Willis

Pizza Dick: whelp have fun having sex by your self

Me: my hand does good at her job

Pizza Dick: I bet I could do better ;)

Me: you just gave me a chub

Chub Giver: that word is so gross

Me: boner killah aren't cha

Aqua: well stop using nasty words and I won't have to kill your boners

Me: this is called sexting for a reason do it please

Aqua: no my sugar daddy wouldn't approve

Me: oh I knew you had your kinks

Me: sexy

Me: I can be your kink

Aqua: this escalated quickly

Me: aqua I love every bone in your body including my bone that's inside of you

Aqua: is that a mirror in your jeans cause damn I'm sexy as hell

Me: yes

Me: jk no

Aqua: don't get hit with a broom

Me: ?

Aqua: you didn't watch Empire

Me: no

Aqua: well you missed out

Me: hey baby girl I'm tired

3 hours later

Aqua: I'm horny

Me: Come over?

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