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"So there's a party tonight" Jack says as we walk to class.

"And you're telling me this why?" I ask turning to him. Soon enough I realize why he's telling me.

"Paige is gonna be there isn't she?" I ask.

"Hopefully or else we went to some stupid party for nothing" He says laughing.


Jack and I planned to meet at his house at 7 so we can go to the party together.

When school finished we both went seperate ways. I spot Madison waiting near my car.

"Hey Madison" I say walking past her to my door.

"Hey" She says glancing up from the phone.

As we both get in the car Madison places her phone down and grins at me.

"Why have you got a stupid grin on your face?" I sigh, knowing she's up to something.

"Sooo the school dance is this friday" She says, her grin getting bigger.

"What about it?"

"I'm dressing you"

"No chance baby sis, what even makes you think i'm going?" I laugh

"Oh come on, you're never any fun. Please just go, for meee" Madison whines.

I glance over at her and see her making puppy dog eyes.

"You know those don't work on me" I laugh at her attempt.

"If you don't go to this dance i'll...i'll teLL JACK THAT YOU LIKE HIM! And more than friends" She smirkes.

"Madison no!" I groan.

"It's either a yes or i'm telling him" She says crossing her arms, falling back into her seat.

I knew what she was like and I knew she wasn't kidding.

"Fine! I'll go to the stupid dance" I cave in.

"But just remember, i'm only going to keep your mouth shut" I point out.

Madison nods as we pull into the driveway.

We get out of the car and as soon as I get inside I go straight to my room.

I plug in my earphones and do my homework.


After I finished my homework I check the time and see that it was already 6:00.

"Oh my I have to get ready" I say freaking out and running towards the bathroom.

I get in the shower and do my usual.

Once I get out I race to my closet figuring out what to wear.

I finally pick out an outfit and put it on.

I did my makeup and put on some nude lipstick.

I check the time and see it's only 6:45.

I walk out of my room and down the stairs.

"Hi honey you're just in time for dinner" My mom says walking over to the table and setting down a bowl of pasta.

"Great but i'm going to have to be quick because Jack's going to be here soon" I tell her sitting down at the table.

I start to eat when Madison comes downstairs.

"Hey where are you going?" and as if on que, Jack honks his horn signaling he was here.

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