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Pen Your Pride

Chapter 1: A betrayal and invitation and a decision and conflict

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An Eight year old Naruto Uzumaki raced down the halls of the Academy chased by Iruka and several other teachers.  He raced down the schools steps and into the village. "Come back here, Naruto" Iruka shouted . He smiled, He hadn't known Iruka was gonna come in the door with the Hokage when really the prank was just for Iruka. He had set a bucket of cat pee on the door of the classroom and waited hidden under a desk till Iruka came in. However it was hilarious to watch Hizuren get doused in cat pee. Too bad he got caught and now he was getting chased by Iruka and some other sensei's.

Oof he bumped into a hard figure and looked up. There was a man with Peircings, Orange hair, and bright Purple eyes. He picked Naruto up, bent down and whispered into the Eight year old boy "Mature until the age of Twelve and I will send some friends to get you" And with a quick seal he was gone leaving Naruto confused about what happend.He sat there confused and not noticing the angry stomps behind him and a voice that bellowed "There you are, you're in so much trouble now" Naruto looked up and saw a very angry Iruka standing there and said the only thing that he could ''Gulp''  

----------------------------------------------------------- Four years later------------------------------------------------------ 

A wounded Naruto trudged back into the village. Hurt seriously in his battle with Sasuke. He used the Kyuubi's chakra to get heal his most life threating injuries just enough to get him to the village gates where Sakura eagerly awaiting his return along with Kakashi and Gai raced to him "Naruto, WHERE'S SASUKE" Sakura screeched "H-he beat me" replied Naruto weakly "I'm s-sorry S-sakura" He managed to get out before hacking violently and ceasing after a few moments.

Sakura looked at him with shock and rage and screamed "WHAT DO YOU MEAN HE BEAT YOU, I TRUSTED YOU TO BRING HIM BACK, HOW COULD YOU"She began to hit him violently not mindful of his injuries. Only stopping when Kakashi grabbed her and shook her wildly."What the hell is wrong with you. Sakura look at him, He's wounded seriously. He needs medical attention". At this point, Tsunade and several other medics arrived and took him to the Konoha hospital.  

'Groan' "Huh" Kakashi looked up and saw Naruto groaning on his bed."So you're awake" Naruto flinched at the tone in his voice "Yeah, barely'' "Hn, You're an idiot" "W-what!' "Well for one you didn't bring back Sasuke and second you could of used the Kyuubi's chakra and healed yourself. Sometimes you're a nuisance, Maybe you should have just died on the battlefield or maybe.....'' "Maybe what maybe if you're gonna say something finish it'' Naruto's  eyes blazed as he struggled to get up.

 "Well" Kakashi got up and went to the door pausing before he opened it and said in the coldest  voice possible "Maybe you should have died when you had the Kyuubi put into you as a baby" Naruto stared in shock at the words. Tears filled his eyes and he looked away.

Kakashi started to open the door then stopped, looked back and said " As far as training and team management goes, I suggest you find a new team. Demon" and walked out of the room and straight into Kiba and the rest of the Rookie Eleven minus Sakura and Sasuke. "Why did you call Naruto a demon" Kiba asked his eyes blazing and his face red "Your his Sensei, What in the hell is the matter with you" Kakashi merely looked at him and said with a bored expression "Ask Tsunade maybe she'll tell you, maybe" Kiba looked at Shikamaru and the rest of the Gang,sighed and went "Asshole, I guess we go to Tsunade". 


Four figures stood in a room in front of a fifth figure.The fifth figure spoke a few words paused and looked at the four . They nodded and he continued "Itachi, Kisame, Deidara, Sasori, You do know the mission I require you to go on, Remember do not kill the Kyuubi or release his Kekkai Genkai before he reaches base. Do you understand this is important, We need him."  three of the four fiqures nodded but the other one asked why he replied with a sigh "Deidara, Do you remember when Hidan, Kakuzu, Zetsu, and Tobi came back from their assignment'' ''Yes, I dont want to get in the way of that Kekkai Genkai".

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