Chapter 25: Happy Birthday, April

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Maya Amour 🌸

OMG, it's my babies 8th birthday and I'm sitting in this jail case. Feels like I'm dying or whatever.


I looked up at Tyr (Ty-Er)

"What's up?"

"I hear it's your youngins birthday."

"Yeah and?"

"Here" she said handing me this drawing

"Damn, Tyr. You got mad skills yo."

"Thanks, But lemme ask you some."


"What a successful rapper? Baddie and beautiful woman like yourself up in here for?"

"Murder." I said looking up at her

She scooted over two seats and everybody stopped and looked at me

"YOU myrdered somebody??"

"Yeah...Yall acting like y'all never seen somebody murder somebody, Like ain't most of y'all in here in jail for murder?"

"Like ain't you a rapper though? How you even know how to kill somebody? you to sexy to be killing people" wink said

"Cause wink , I used to be in the arm. I know how to kill somebody from 300 miles away, it's easy to take someone's life. But, Yes I'm a rapper."

"Why would you kill somebody? Who you killed?"

"Look up" I said pointing to the tv

"Rapper/Singer Maya Amour still in jail after fatally shooting, Samaya Anthony. Supposedly, Samaya sent threats to The rapper, Soonly after stabbing the rappers husband singer August Alsina. Reports to show, Samaya shot first and the rapper shot back. All I have to say is, If the girl didn't wanna die why would she mess around with a professional? She must didn't know this woman is a retired lieutenant in the U.S. Army"

"Does that answer y'all questions?"

"Do you think that's gone affect your career?" CJ asked

"No cause I still got love for you. I always knew you was bad but damn, I love you even more na" the other girls said

"That answer your question? " I said



"Happy Birthday, Baby girl" I said bringing the cake out

"This ain't no happy birthday. But thanks you guys" she said to everybody

"What's wrong?" I asked bending down on her level

"I miss momma"

"I know, Pumkin. I miss your mama too, We all do but she'll be home soon."



*Phone Rings*

I picked it up and answered it,


"Hey Trey, where's April?"

"Right here."

"Put me on speaker."


"April, guess whose on the phone."


I turned to August and he turned the music down

"Your mama"

"Mama?" She asked smiling

"HEY baby! Happy Birthday!!"

"Thank you mama, I love you."

"Mama, loves you too baby. Hey and don't be sad because mama isn't there. You enjoy yourself and have enough fun for me okay? Save me some cake. *laughs* I love you and smile for mama."

"Okay, mama. I love you too and I will."

"Trey, Is she smiling?"

"*laughs* Yeah babygirl, she smiling."

"Good, Is August there?"

"Everybody here. including yo mama."


"HEY MAYA!!!!!!"

"*laughs* Trey, you and August take care my babies for me."

"We got it Maya" we said

"Okay, I gotta go. Tell everybody I love em and y'all have fun."

"TT WAIT!" TJ said running out the house

"Hey TJ!"

"Hey mama! I love you."

"*sniffs* I love you too, TJ! Your mama told me you ain't been focus. focus little man, Don't let what happened to me affect y'all, I'm talking to everybody. I love you guys and don't be sad, Aight?"

"Ight Maya"

"Love yall, see y'all soon. Kiss my babies for me Trey"

"Okay" I said

She hung up, I picked up April and she smiled big

"You okay now?"

"Yeah, let me go so I can go play with TJ and Autumn"

I smiled "That's my girl."

I cleaned up everything and sat the left over cake in the fridge

"Look man, We gone have to get along cause we gotta work together while Maya gone so.. I'm sorry about everythang." I said to august

"Yeah, I'm sorry too bruh!" He said dapping me up



I picked up the sleeping Autumn and hugged Maliyah and April

"Happy Birthday , Princess." I said to April

She smiled, "thanks pappy aug"

I smiled and kissed her forehead, "Goodnight, see you tomorrow."


I smiled and left going out to my car and putting Autumn in, I pulled up to the house and laid her down on the couch and I sat on the other couch watching tv


I looked over at her and reached my arms out and she came over and I picked her up

"Is mama gone be home for my birthday?"

"I'm afraid not. but, she will call you, I promise you that"

"It's not the same though daddy."

"I know baby, but look chea' your momma loves you and she only away because she protected you."

"When will mama be home?"

"Soon, tell you what. We can go see her tomorrow and we can buy a Calender counting down the days until she come home"

"Can we get the one with mama on it?"

"Yes, we can get the one with mama on it"

"Ok daddy"

I laid down on the couch and she laid on my chest and we both fell asleep

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