36. Epilogue

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Two years later
"Congratulations baby!" You heard a shout from the end of the corridor. You looked down the almost abandoned hallway, spotting the large figure of your boyfriend with his arms open, waiting for you. "Eeeeeek!" You squealed and ran as fast as your short legs could carry you down the hallway.

You jumped into your boyfriend's arms, wrapping your legs around his waist as he held under your thighs to support your body weight. You hid your head in the crook of his neck, inhaling his masculine scent as you tightened your arms around his warm figure. "You passed your exams, now what?" He asked, placing you down gently before he tilted your chin so you were looking up at him.

"Now, I'll move onto a new chapter of my life," you smiled pecking his lips softly. "And will I be in this new chapter?" He asked with a cheeky grin, his arms still hooked around your body, pulling you closer into his warmth. "Of course you will," you giggled before taking his hand in yours. "So, you finally passed your exams, are you ready to get out of this shit hole?" You asked, making Namjoon's dimples appear. "Let go baby," he pulled your hand, walking out of school with you.

You walked towards the school gate, the sun was slowly setting, casting a flood of orange light over the surroundings. The birds sung as they soared in the evening sky above and pupils ran towards the exit of the school, their graduation gowns flowing in the breeze behind them. You looked over at your boyfriend, his beautiful, wide smile was projected on his soft lips as his eyes crinkled slightly from the happiness.

You both reached the gate of the school, hand in hand stepping off the school grounds and into reality. It was now up to you. To find a job, or go to university, or raise a family, it was all up to you now. "Y/N, Namjoon... over here," Jimin's voice shouted from a few metres away. You walked over to them, seeing all of your friends huddled together, just outside the gates.

Your eyes locked onto each and every one of them, the memories of this year filled your mind. Not only had they been incredible friends to you, but they had been your support system throughout the years.

He smiled whilst picking up the suitcase as though it weighed nothing, "my name is Namjoon by the way."

"Jeez okay. my name is Jimin by the way," he smiled, "what's your name sexy?"

"Well, Miss Y/N, welcome to Kink Class, I'm your teacher Mr Kim, Kim Seokjin."

"No, she is working with me," Yoongi said whilst wrapping an arm around your shoulder.

"Heya Y/N, you can call me Hobi!" He giggled energetically before unexpectedly pulling you into a hug.

"Fine... what's your assignment?" You asked, taking the book from his hands. "Role play. I'm Taehyung by the way," he smiled.

"Hey," he smiled back as he took his notebook out of his bag. "So Jungkook right?" You asked making him nod.

The boys looked back at you, smiling genuinely, their eyes full of happiness. In the two years you had spent together, you had made so many memories, unforgettable memories which you would treasure forever. "Y/N?" A deep voice said from behind you, making you turn around. "Yoongi, when were you released?!" You shouted, jumping into his embrace as he held you tightly against his body. "God I've missed you," he shakily exhaled as he pulled away.

"So this is it huh?" Jungkook asked, a sad smile sighing at his lips. "Is this the part where we all say goodbye?" He frowned, his eyes watering as he looked down. "Not goodbye, farewell. Because I'm sure we will see each other again soon," Taehyung smiled as has hand slipped into Jimin's. The two boys looked at each other before sharing a knowing look.

"I'm gonna miss you," you frowned. "Damn even I'm getting emotional," Mr Kim spoke from beside you making you all laugh. The air was quiet, a peaceful kind of quiet, not the awkward kind. The sunlight slowly began to fade away and you knew your time together was coming to a close.

"Thank you Mr Kim," You hummed, looking over at your teacher with a gentle smile. "What for, Miss Y/N?" He asked, confusion tugging at his brows. "For teaching me about friendship, and for showing me the path to a better future."

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