💘Sweet Bean💘

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I looked down and stared at the floor as I get a bit tired. I patiently waited for him to wake up but without him is so boring. I yawned and put on something to watch checking the phone from time to time but when my mom called me to do chores I got a notification. I stared at my phone angrily anf huffed annoyed. 'I swear this always happens!' I rolled my eyes and started my chores before I talked since there wouldn't be much of a point to just go after telling him.

After I finished doing my chores I went straight to my phone and turned it on. I went to text him and smiled.

Nicky Poo 💕

MoRnInGgGyg BabYyyY

I giggled and blushed lightly then hummed.

Nicky Poo 💕

MoRnInG hOnEyYyYy >//w//<

Remember what day it is? :D

Of course I do! How could I forget uwu

I snickered and smiled more feeling too happy for my own good. I walked around feeling butterflies in my stomache as we talked. I felt even more excited once he said,

Nicky Poo 💕

Like it or not I'm gonna make you smile this whole day! Nothing's gonna ruin this! ùwú

Mhm I'll make you smile too! and AbSoLuTeLy NoThInG woll change that ÒwÓ

So for this month uh.. Wanna come over? >///////<

:00 YeS I'd love to ^w^

YaYYyY :3

I blushed and stared at my phone flustered. I sighed and told my mom, "I'm going over to Nicky's house!"

she looked over to me and nodded smiling sweetly, "Okay, be safe!"

I smiled back and walked out walking to his house since our houses were close. I looked over to his house and smiled. I got impatient and jogged there then knocked. He answered and hismom welcomed me from the living room. I hugged his arm and walked in going to the kitchen blushing lightly. "I thought we should bake a cake this time!" he exclaimed.

I nodded and let go of his arm and started to read the instructions. I smiled and hummed as he took out some ingredients and items. After a minute we started to make it occasionally getting some dough on us and giggling. After we put it in the oven we felt proud then went to his room to pass the time. We watched some videos and started a movie cuddling the whole time. He smiled and kissed my forehead making me blush and sink down closer to him. I mumbled, "You jerk.."

He chuckled as I nuzzled his chest. His mom knocked and said, "I think it's done!"

We got up and went to the oven and got a toothpick to check if it was ready. It was baked perfectly and I smiled more. We put it in the freezer for a bit then got icing to design it as a heart. We made the heart pink and blue with a yellow background and I hummed. We stared at it and smiled proudly. I sighed and held his hand murmuring, "I love you.."

He looked over to me and smirked a bit whispering softly, "I love you too..~"

I smiled more and loomed away blushing. I hugged him and said, "Let's eat!"

I gave him the knife because I can't cut things for the life of me. I watched as he cut the cake and I stared excitedly. Once he was done we got plates and took a piece. I kissed his cheek then began eating the delicious cake as he stared at me flustered before he started to eat too.

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