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Only thing right now keeping my mind off of Maya, and wondering is she alright is being here at this club. I went and seen her two days ago, She looked like she was frustrated and but, she was managing her feelings and tears. One thing, I can say and everyone can say about Maya is.. She's tuff and can stand up for her own and DONT PUT UP WITH YA BULLSHIT. But, I never thought outside of her being in the army she would kill someone. but, again she was protecting the kids, Maybe august too. Ion know but who was the bitch anyways? Ain't nobody told me shit, All I know is that she killed her and what they said in court. I'm just glad they lowered her sentence to 2 years.

But, all I can do is pray that God keeps her safe while she in there. Everytime I went and visited her she looked Sad, I made jokes to at least see her smile, She'll smile or laugh but it wasn't real. You could tell she had a lot on her mind and I know it's the kids, I took April up there but April started crying and wanted to come home. I just want her home, I don't wanna see her cry no more, I don't wanna see her behind that glass or behind bars, I don't wanna see her stressing over anything NO MORE. I just want her happy! Is it so hard for Maya to stop suffering??? I mean, she's already been through enough


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