Chapter 39-What Happens In New York, Stays In New York

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Chapter 39

What Happens In New York, Stays In New York

Sullivan's POV

"I promise I'll be back today." I say softly as Silas tightens his grip on my arms.

"I don't want you to leave." He says fearfully while pleading with round brown eyes.

"Silas, this is really important for work. I have to go but you won't be alone. Mom is going to be here with you." I say and he looks over at where mom is sitting with a book.

"Sullivan, please." He cries and I blink back my tears.

"Silas, how about this. You can keep this okay." I say and pull my tablet out my carry-on. "As soon as I reach New York, which it only a two hour flight, I'll call you and we can Skype. I'm going to be working all day but I promise you whenever I have a chance I'll call okay? Mom has a phone and I'll text her too so I can know how you're doing." I say and he looks at me with eyes full of tears before nodding slowly.

"Promise?" He asks sadly and I nod.

"I promise Silas." I say strongly and he smiles shakily at me.

"T-thanks Sullivan." He whisper and I smile at him softly.

"I have to go now okay? I'll call soon." I say and he nods sadly making me bite my lip.

I wish I can stay but I have to go and deal with this before it gets any worse. It's only a few hours; he'll be fine with mom. I smile and kiss his cheek making him blush and duck his head. With a chuckle I grab my carry-on bag after shrugging on my coat. I kiss my mom on the cheek before waving at them as I step out the room and into the hospital hallway. Markesan smiles at me as he falls into step with me.

"How is he doing?" He asks softly and I sigh.

"He's doing well. I'm sure after a few more days he'll be able to come home." I say happily as we wait for the elevator.

"That's good and are you going to your home or staying in Rowan's penthouse?" He asks as we step onto an empty elevator.

"I was thinking of going back home actually. The house is bigger and not in the city which will be calming for Silas. I want him to be as comfortable as he can. Plus it's closer to my parents' house so when I go to work mom can easily come over instead of driving all the way into the city." I explain and he nods.

"It makes perfect sense. Have you told Rowan?" He asks seriously and I shake my head with a wince.

"Not yet I was thinking of doing that tonight when we got back." I say and he chuckles as the doors slide open on the ground floor.

"You should have done that as soon as you knew you wanted move back home." He says while grabbing my carry-on bag as we walk across the lobby.

"I know but I think he's going to get upset for some reason. Honestly if he wants to come with us it's fine because I don't want to not live with him anymore. I just wanted this business trip to be swift, cold cut and with no distractions of worrying about Rowan's feelings." I say and he looks at me in surprise. "That sounded really bad, I care about his feelings but I want to know that he's not worried about me moving out while I'm in New York." I explain as we climb into the Range Rover.

"How are you guys anyway? You both seem very snug with each other." He says while driving towards the airport where my private jet is waiting.

"We're great, he's perfect." I say with a soft smile as he looks at me through the rear view mirror.

"He's treating you good right?" He asks worriedly and I laugh.

"Very good, like I'm a precious little glass doll." I say and he suddenly smirks.

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