My heart

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y/n P.O.V
Y/n was in her and hits room late at night chilling watching TV and on her phone hitman was down stairs on his PlayStation and eating she had got a call from her best friends
Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do
Who the hell is this y/n said  she looked at her phone to see it was Vena  and B Simone
Hey Best Friennns she said
Gurlllllllll you gonna hate us after this Vena said
What are you talking about now y/n
Baby girl look on the shade room B says

So I go to instagram and I type in TSR
The very first thing I see is me and my client hugging (so y'all I'm gonna put a little disclaimer in right now saying that what she does is she's a photographer and you know she got multiple businesses you got to have multiple businesses I guess or whatever y'all wanna think she is)

Girl you in trouble you better hide his phone before he go on Instagram you know how he is V says

All I hear next is the huge feet stomping up the stairs like caveman

Yo what the fuck is this you're bugging right now right hit said

All I hear is why the hell the he come up them stairs like that stairs sounding like a monkeys  you  want to be in planted of the apes be like he on sound like he bout to get some Puunani  if you don't go sit down  B says 
girl right like he was on some Viagra girl like you need to chill out like and the they dying like Vena said

I'm tell Kisha all this I'm weak says Vena

All right y'all  I got to go y'all over here making fun of me bye love y'all I said and hung up

What the fuck is wrong with you let another Nigga  all up on you

To be continued😊😊😊😊

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