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Hey guys so I've herd a lot about self harm and suicidal well I wanna tell u a little about my past and tell u about my self harm past so when I was little like 3 I was raped by my next door neighbor/babysitter he went to jail and I never saw him again a couple months later my grandfather who I was really close to passed of cancer I never got close to anyone ever again till kindergarten when I met my best friend Alyssa who is beautiful then we got pulled apart when I was transferred to a different school I didn't get close to anyone again till we were reunited in 5th grade I think it was and she and another one of her close friend came to my school and is 3 got really close we fought a lot but I love them we where the three A's Alyssa aleya and Aubrey we where and still are like sisters well in 2013 towards the middle of the year I was having a rough time I hated myself and wanted all the pain to end I took my pocket knife and started cutting I hated everything the way I looked the way I did everything then I remembered I had my sisters there for me they have been there threw thick and thin and I try to do the same last year I was told my other grandfather had gum cancer and he wasn't doing to good he went threw kemo and it just spread till cancer took over and took his life to this day I still hate myself for not being able to help and the worst part I didn't get the chance to say goodbye cause a year before that happened him and my grandmother divorced and we never got to talk to him I wanted to start cutting again but I knew that's not what he wanted I prayed that my life could just end but god has a plan for me so I know that I have to stay strong and I know I have u guys there for me so I want you guys to know that no matter what I will always be here for u all please come to me if u need help I have talked so many people out of suicide I can help please don't do anything to cause pain to yourself I love u all stay strong

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