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  They were anything but okay. Yao made a face when he saw Kiku walk into the room while talking to Alfred and immediately began fussing at Kiku for 'hanging out with such a pig'. Alfreds mental health, of course, took yet another turn for the worse but Kiku stuck up for him and assured Alfred that he didn't think he was a pig. Alfred was still quite upset but who could blame him. One argument and a teacher getting involved later and they were finally seated.

  Today's painting would be something simple, well, actually, it was supposed to be something symbolic that you identified yourself with. Okay so maybe it's not so simple at all, but triode who understood themselves got it right away! Kiku painted a nice scene with cheery blossoms flowing past an open door in Japan. It was quite beautiful actually! But when he looked over at Alfred's painting, he seemed rather concerned.

  It was all black, with some different shades of black in it. It was obviously as if one was peering into a small, condensed, windowless room with a small figure cramped in the corner. The colors were so dark it would have been hard to see if not for the blood red pooling from the eyes of the figure that was staring out at the person looking at the painting. There was also blood in the 'walls' of the painting and some on the creatures arms. Alfred finished and set his portrait up to dry. The teacher absolutely loved Alfreds creativity! She thought his paintings were marvelous and many of them were hanging around the room. She smiled and walked over,

"You paintings are splendid as always Alfred!" She sweetly said and looked over at him "it has so much depth-so much meaning! You really should consider a career in art!" She chimed sweetly as if his paintings weren't extremely concerning. Kiku hadn't known the various paintings that often creeped him out on the walls were Alfreds. There was one with someone screaming and making a motion as if they're banging on the wall, more reds and blood colors falling from the eyes and mouth as if begging to be free. One was completely blank save for the save for the figure that was chained down by what would presume to be the emptiness of the painting. One was of someone 'breaking free' by jumping out of the box. However, the angle was from above and one could clearly see there was a long drop before the ground underneath the person. Yeah, nothing that was kid friendly here. Alfred mutely nodded and looked down. She gave a warm smile and patted his head,

  "You should enter a piece in the art show this year Alfred! I'm sure people would think it looks amazing too." She warmly said as Kiku walked over and hung his painting, commenting,

  "I think you should too Alfred, your paintings are expressive." He said as if the type of emotions he were expressing was okay. Alfred looked over at Kiku and shrugged,

  "Maybe..." he mumbled "but they're really not that good..." he modestly told him as the art teacher gasped,

   "Your paintings are amazing! That does it, you have to have one in the art show!" She exclaimed as Kiku nodded. Alfred gave them both a hesitant look before finally nodding in agreement. Yao would inform the others of this...
Heya! My updates my be a bit weird from now on cause he'll has started back up and sadly I am an over achiever! I will update when I can but I hope you enjoy 💕

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