Chapter 11 : Surprise

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It's sad that we couldn't continue our food adventure since the staffs called us back to practice, but I'll just be featuring in Hayato's concert, so why? I sat down somewhere near the stage while I watched Hayato from afar, he seems pretty happy about his upcoming concert.

I let out a sigh, Why can't Tokiya be like him? "Are you developing feelings for him, now?" A familiar voice echoes from the side which was Kiyomi-chan, my manager holding a megaphone, whispering her words quietly but I think it was audible from Hayato's side.

"No, and never. They said that you can't develop feelings for another person, it's in the academy's rules." "Well, that's a total bummer." She grunts in frustration, "But if there wasn't a rule like that would you still fall in love?"

"Oh come on, I have already have my love for food so I'm pretty sure it's the same thing." My stomach felt empty for a moment as the word food runs inside my thoughts.


They practiced for a week now, and it's two days from now on and Hayato's concert tour will begin. Megumi was inside her hotel room, resting at the hotel room's bed. The news were boring as usual, always repeated all over again. Megumi's legs were crossed while the top of her body resting on the fluffy pillow behind her.

She pressed the button continuously, switching channels but nothing caught her attention. Her ringing phone suddenly reverberated around the room, she dragged herself up and answered the phone. "Hello? Who might this be," she asked.

[Megumi-chan! Dress up! We're going to South Korea!] It was her manager, Kiyomi. Kiyomi hung up leaving Megumi dumbfounded and curious.

Hotel's facade ; Megumi's P.O.V

"South Korea, why would we go there?" I murmured while scanning info all about S.Korea. And it's already a week from now before Hayato's tour, I can't be absent.

A black car with black-tinted windows stopped by in front of me, the door suddenly opened and unexpectedly Kiyomi pulled me in. The room inside was intoxicating, it had a fierce smell, a perfume that pierces gentle noses. "Step on it." Kiyomi's tone suddenly changed. The woman started to comb my hair gently, styling it into a different one, "Don't blink or else, this will hurt." She took something from a small container, "Are those contact lenses?!" I move away.

"Yes, they are my dear," she approached me and went close to me. "Now come here." And grabbed my head unable for me to move, as I felt a small sting on my eyes, I blink to make the pain disappear. "Your eyes look bigger, now, let me put you some eyeliner." "Isn't that unnecessary?" I cover my eyes.

"No. K-idols use eyeliners. So you better use eyeliners." "Don't we all? But do I have to?" She grunts, "Yes! And we're almost there." I give in and she made put eyeliner over my eyelids, I looked different whilst looking at the mirror. I look new, but I think it's good. "But why now? I can just have my makeup done there." I turned my head to her direction and saw her putting red lipstick all over her thick lips. "Does it look alright?" I asked, "Are you going to be a Kpop Idol too?" I asked, then she laughed, "Don't flatter me." I'm not flattering you anyway, she puckered her lips. "We're here." She opened the car's door, and pulled me outside. There were people waiting outside the plane we are going to ride on.

Some of them were the paparazzi, and there were men wearing black suits.

"Now come come," she immediately dragged me inside as if time was running fast.  "He-hey, aren't they going to verify our passports or check us or something?!,"  I blabber, while trying to get away from Kiyomi's tight grip.  "We don't need, I did that while you were asleep a while ago,"  she told me which made me totally confused.

"H-how?  Did you bring my bed or something?"  It was totally unimaginable, wow. 

"Oh shush for a minute will you?  We need to hurry, those Koreans we're meeting are not patient at all," she pointed out.  When we went inside the plane, it was actually private plane.  Not like it's my first time though, it's sometimes lonely.  Kiyomi let me sit down and eventually, the plane sets off and departs Japan.  All I have to sleep and wake up in South Korea. 

But the thing is, I can't sleep because all of it is so sudden.  And now I'm going to meet some Koreans and meet their expectations and debut in South Korea, woah.  "Megumi-chan, here's some coffee,"  Kiyomi gave me some warm cup of Americano.  As I drank some, the contents inside weren't fully brewed, I almost lost my mood finishing it, but hey, it's given to me. 

"So, why now?"  I asked while letting the coffee blend more.  "A fan hacked the big television on the street and broadcasted you're concert that night and you became viral there.  Different CEOs in different agencies has invited you for a dinner.  They want you badly Megumi-chan, they want you, Magaling!  Magaling!,"  she started saying words in a different language. 

So maybe 20 or more CEOs in Seoul or some nations in South Korea want me.  What's that Korean word again? 


Isn't it.  After letting my coffee rest, I drank all of it, however, it became much more colder which made it uncomfortable to drink because it has become bland.  I wonder if Hayato knows.  "Kiyomi-chan, throw this for me please,"  I gave her the empty cup of coffee and she stood from her seat.  I looked outside the window, it was just like going to Japan after many concert tours.  Just that I'm here again. 

Sometimes in the back of my mind, I just want to give up this career, but no, I came here.  I'm here and I shouldn't leave.  I shut my eyes but nah, still can't sleep.

Chapter End. 

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