Chapter 10: FOOD!!!

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  ღ♥ ღೋ  MEGUMI'S P.O.V   ღ♥ ღೋ

Me and Syo were both inside the Tachibana store.  "So, why did you pick this store?"  I asked and he was startled.  "It's because...  this store sells beautiful clothes, that's all!"

"Okay... "  I continued looking for clothes.  Ooooh!  This one looks good!  And that wig!  YES!  I want that!!!!  My contact lenses will go with my wig too.  Teehee  (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤  

"Syo-chan, I want this one."  I showed it to him.  "Are you sure with your choice?"  He asked me.  "That's why I'm showing it you, right?  OF COURSE!"  I said.  "Okay! Okay!  Calm down woman!"

I tried it on.....inside a changing room.  Wait, did I bring my wig?  ◉‿◉  I searched inside my bag and I have a bunch of wigs inside.  I'm always prepared!  Huehuehuehuehuehuehuehue~   

I fixed my wig and went outside.

"How do I look?"  I asked Syo-chan.  "You look okay."  

"Okay?  What okay?"

"You look fabulous."  Then I agreed after he said that to me.  "Where did you even get that wig?  And those contacts?"  He asked.

"Huh?  It's a gift from my fans.  。◕‿◕。"  

"You get things like that?"  He was surprised.

"Mi-miss Yuki, will you pay for that?"  The lady asked me.  I nodded.  "Yes please, just remove the price tag.  I'll wear this today."  I told her.

She removed the price tag, "Syo-chan, you pay, okay?  BYE!"  I ran away leaving Syo inside the store.  "DAMN YOU!"  He shouted.  

"Ooohh!  Naoto Akiyama!  MEGUMIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"  The fangirls were chasing me.  So many fanboys chasing me.  This is like a weird kind of BL in a way.

"Oi!  Megumi!"  I saw Syo, he was running with fanboys.  "Ah~ Syo-chan, you're chasing me too?"  

(¬‿¬)  So he's secretly a fanboy of me too?  Wow!  

"They told me you have to practice right now!"  

"What?  WHY?"  I was surprised.

He caught up with me, and grabbed my hand.  "Let's go!"


I was at the stage with Hayato.  Damn, I can't tell the difference between him and Porcupine.   I'll sing my single with him.  'Deep Sea Girl or Shinkai Shoujo'

This is my only time to shine in his concert.  I'll be popping out in the finale.  Huehuehuehue~   As Naoto Akiyama though.  

"Syo....  Wyhy are you still here?  You have classes right?"  I asked.

"Oh yeah!  I'll just be at your concert."  He dashed away.

"Megumi-chan~!!!!!!!"  Hayato then got all deredere.

"HAYATO-CHAN~!!!!!  ー( ´ ▽ ' )ノ"  I also shouted.  We both got along since he's not cold like the other porcupine.  

While we were practicing, we ate somewhere in KFC.  Good thing we're not being noticed by our fans.  "This chicken is so good.  I want more."  

"Oh, can you get me gravy too, Naoto-kun?"  Hayato asked.  I nodded, "Sure sure.  I'll buy two pieces of chicken.  Or I'll make that five.  A whole bucket.  Two buckets..."

I went to the counter and ordered two buckets of KFC's chicken with five scoops of rice.  And gravy for Hayato.  

"That's too much...  Naoto..."  Hayato was poker-faced.  "Eh?  Do you want some?  You can buy another bucket if you want."

"Tha-that's not what I'm saying."  He giggled a little.  I ate the two buckets and the people around us were surprised.  

"That guy eats too much and he's still thinner than me."

"He eats like a monster but his height is so short."

These people are so mean to me, but that other compliment was okay.  Hayato patted his stomach and burped lightly, "I'm full."  

"Well, I'm still hungry...."  I said.

"Wha-what?  What did you do anyway?"  Hayato looked surprised and patted my back trying to make me feel better.

"I don't know.....  but I remembered that I ate two buckets of chicken."

".....  How about we eat some ice cream?"  He suggested and my mind and heart agreed already.  The words haven't slipped out of my tongue yet.

"SURE!"  We went outside and looked for an ice cream shop.  If we ever saw one.  The flavors that I shall pick are....  Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Pistachio, Peanut Butter, Cookies and Cream... ALLL!!!!  

 But I can't.  I'll just pick Vanilla.  Plain but it never ceases to make my heart melt.   (๑✧◡✧๑)  

"Oh look!"  Hayato pointed.  We both saw an ice cream shop.  I ran ahead and left him, I bought 10 scoops of ice cream in a cone.  "Want some?"  I saw him, dumbfounded by my hunger.

Then he suddenly laughed.  What a cute laugh!  "You're cute.  You're always hungry."

"No, I'm not cute!  I am fab!"  I protested.

"O-okay, you're fabulous..."  He sweatdropped.  

"HAYATO!"  I called his name.

"Yes?"  He asked.


"Okay.... Wait, What?!"  I grabbed his hand and we continued our food hunt.  

 ღ♥ ღೋ   CHAPTER END  ღ♥ ღೋ

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