the not so lunch date pt. 2

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Tay's POV

I see a familiar figure, that looks like.... no wait I think it is..... the person is wearing black jeans and a SnapBack and a grey shirt... Jordan? I get out my car and yell Jordan he turns around and looks at me, he comes up to my car and says "hey tay, um yea my car broke down so I was running late and I didn't know how to call because my phone is dead, I forgot to charge it, but I'm so glad you're here, cause right now I don't know what I'd do" i say "yea um just get in the car and we'll go to meet up the guys" he gets in the car and I back up the

car he tells me a short cut and through out the car ride to chipotle it was silent so I decide to start the conversation "so Jordan ... how long have you and Jessica been going out?" He said "about 3 years now" I say "oh that's cool, so have you thought about poping the question yet?" he said "um what question?" I said "are you kidding me?" while laughing, he said "yes Im kidding but no I haven't ... Well yes I have but like I love Jessica and all it's just she's not the one I want to marry like ya

know ... I'm not really ready for that yet, especially since we have the whole band thing going on and who knows we'll soon get signed to a record company I don't wanna leave her alone" I said "oh well that's great" I realized what I said and quickly reacted "um like not great you know, I understand you and like I agree but like ... never mind" he chuckels and says "your really funny tay" I can feel my face like heat up, after that the rest of the car

ride was silent, when we pulled up to chipotle and got out the car, we went inside and they guys already ordered, as I walk up the the table I said "so you guys went ahead and ordered without us ?" I raised an eyebrow and Cameron said "y'all guys took SO long and I was hungry" he pouted I playfully smacked him, and Jordan said "well me and tay are gonna go get food, we're gonna be right back....

Jordan's POV

me and tay went to go order, once we got our food we went back to the table and mike said "so Jordan what was it you wanted to tell or why did you all call us here?" I said "well I wanted to tell ya'll guys that I finished the song that tay wrote and I don't know band basic stuff you know?" rob said "oh you finished the song already that's great man" after that we all chatted some more and ate and after that it was soon time to go home... I got in the car with tay and it was quiet for sometime till I spoke up,

"hey so how's it going tay?" she spoke up "I'm pretty good Jordan, how about you?" I said "um I'm good too, so like what do you think is gonna happen to us in the future?" tay said "us?" I said "yes, us the band" she said "oh haha yea, us the band" I responded, "like do you think we're gonna do good like be a well known band like pierce the veil and sleeping with sirens?" tay said "ha I guess man, maybe even tour with them in the future" it got quite for a minute and I said "tay what did you think I meant when I said us?"

she stayed quiet for a moment and said "um nothing really, I just never mind" I could tell she looked red in the face but it was dark to know if she really was. she asked me where my house was and I said "take a left then another left and then the house that had blue mailbox. she pulled up to my house and I got out her car.......

anyways that was probably a short chapter too haha sorry man but good things are coming along with bad ones man sorry but I'm adding twists and real life events later on in the story ... I know i said I was gonna update for sure next Wednesday but I haven't been feeling like myself so this is chapter is for next week cause I don't think I'm gonna be on any social media next week so you're going have to wait till February? for me to update.... until then - jackbarakitty

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